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  1. i think a jason voorhees looking zombie would look cool too
  2. we need moes tavern from the simpsons
  3. so since theres only a hazmat suit and other clothes and armor that are plain boring or cool we need more clothes weapons we need some jason inspired hockey mask a red and green striped sweater like freddy kruegers and some burlap sack mask like part 2 jason some fedoras a gas mask power armor now the weapons a bladed glove like freddy kruegers glove since we have the machete we need a unique lookin one a wood handled machete with blood on the blade jasons machete the evil dead II chainsaw better than the old chainsaw we got a scoped revolver Lord humongus will be proud!! and a minigun a howdah pistol flare gun and pitchforks also theyre tools wierd silver orbs that kill with blades and drill like features like the movie phantasm and a puzzle box that kills zombies with chains with meat hooks on them just like hellraiser a weed whacker with a sawblade on it golf clubs meat cleavers kitchen knives a spas 12 a ar 15 thats all
  4. if we can recreate the myers house in prefab maker or wait for a20 in 7dtd to make their own prefab based of the 1978 version
  5. also the myers house from halloween (1978)
  6. freddy kruegers house from a nightmare on elm street the evil dead cabin (f)bates motel some abandoned victorian house with some cult set in the basement or cannibals? and another cult house or shrine this time as a gambrel the creepy thing about the (f)bates motel is Theres coffins and Like norman is hiding some secret and freddy burning himself at the elm street house in a furnace lucky jakes skeletal corpse from evil dead 2 is no where to be found at the evil dead cabin,s basement or no strange Book or tape recorder
  7. we need the voorhees house from jason goes to hell we need the Well house from it 2017 The house from poltergeist the amityville house and the house from texas chainsaw massacre lizzie bordens bed and breakfast Of course FOURTY WACKS on the zombies camp crystal lake voorhees house from jason goes to hell higgins haven jarvis residence and Packanack camp from friday the 13th part 2 and the Outpost from The Thing 1982 and The mansion from resident evil and the addams family house and the hotel overlook from the shining
  8. hello pimps iam wondering if you guys make the myers house from halloween (1978) in 7 days to die we have the elm street house fates motel and the evil dead cabin in the game so make the myers house from halloween (1978)
  9. The Fates Motel and the elm street house are movie pois have you survivors looted the fates motel and the elm street house also theres pois based off of movies in 7 days to die also the evil dead cabin too
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