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My single player map doesn't have a seed

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I'm trying to transfer my girlfriend and I's game to my dedicated server for us to play, I followed the tutorial on the forum and have all the files in the correct place. I have the server config file open for my dedicated server and I am naming it "My Game" which is how it's listed in the client on my saved games list but the seed for it is blank.

I pressed F1 and typed GG and for the map seed it's just blank, I went and checked the generationinfo text document under generated worlds and it's still blank.

I have no idea what the hell is happening right now. For giggles I made the seed blank in the server config file to see if that would actually work but it did not, It just generated another map for 20 minutes with the same name. Is there some other way to find the seed?

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6 hours ago, IndustryStandard said:

So having the map seed as " " was bad, having it as "" worked though. Confusing but whatever, it works.

“ “ is not blank though.  That does have a character, which is the space.  “” is normaylly used for blank fields, at least from my experience in other situations outside of 7D2D.

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