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Looking for friendly server/group of people


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I'm looking in to getting back into playing again. I have only played solo but would like to find a group of people or a friendly PVE server this time. I am experienced (over 1,000 hours in the game), 18+, and live in the USA Eastern time. I could play most nights. I have Discord and I'm ok with any mods for the game. 

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Hey, just saw this! if you would like to join one of our 24/7 servers i can post them here! We are an active gaming community and you can even join us in VC in our discord

@ discord.gg/20r

Main Server : 20R Casual PVP | 160% XP | BetterLoot
Server IP:
Softcore PvP (No Base Raiding)


In the mood for some HARDCORE PVP action with base raiding, increased zombie difficulty, and slightly higher XP gains than average? Join the Hardcore PVP server @
20R Hardcore PVP | 200% XP | 200% Loot


20R PVE VANILLA 300% XP | 300% LOOT

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