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  1. Thank you for your help. I can reproduce it with no problem. It has happened with every quest like that. Once it is accepted, it is always 0m away (no matter the quest type) with no yellow exclamation point at all anywhere on the map. Deleting the quest does indeed "fix" it but I don't get to do the quest. And sometimes I just feel like killing some rabbits with a nailgun lol
  2. How can you complete the quest without activating it though? There isn't a yellow exclamation point at all. It just says the quest is 0m away. That goes for every yellow note quest. I was just using the Lumberjack one as an example. I have not seen an underground activation point since Alpha 18 I believe. At least it shows up for you lol Is this a common bug? Do you know if it is with every single yellow note quest or just specific ones? Kaiderprime, I wonder if reverting back to Alpha 19.5 would fix it? As far as I can remember, the only thing 19.6 did was include Twitch integration. I don't stream so it wouldn't bother me to get rid of that feature. I'm not sure when the issue with AP ammunition was fixed though. I'd hate to lose that.
  3. Hello. I am unsure if this is a bug within the game or just something going wrong on my end. I don't quite remember when it started but sometime in Alpha 19 the yellow notes that give you specific quests (ie. Killing Lumberjacks with an Axe) no longer work for me. I click read and accept the quest but it then shows up as 0m away on my hud. I click on the quest in my quest list to show it on the map and it says that the quest can not be shown on the map. I have tried looking around the internet to see if this is happening to anyone else and I can not find anything on the subject. I am on the latest version as of today (Alpha 19.6, 10/21/21) and I am playing on a KingGen map if that makes any difference. I am playing plain vanilla (no mods) too. Is this something that other people are experiencing or could it be just me? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.
  4. Oh you get them for scrapping books? I'm used to either selling them or reading them again for the XP or dukes. Thanks man!! Question just came to my mind just now. Have you thought about implementing a way to adjust the GS boost? So if people want to go even higher than 2.4 they can? Or maybe even lower it for a super long low GS?
  5. I'm loving this mod. I was bored with vanilla and still waiting on Alpha 20 to roll out so I thought I'd try some modded games. This is by far the best imo. The GS jump is quite challenging (which is a good thing) and the different craftables are a great add. I have a question about the generic notes though. Are they a random spawn in all lootables or is the percentage higher in certain lootables? I've been looting a bunch and only have a little over 100 and I'm almost to level 40.
  6. I'm looking in to getting back into playing again. I have only played solo but would like to find a group of people or a friendly PVE server this time. I am experienced (over 1,000 hours in the game), 18+, and live in the USA Eastern time. I could play most nights. I have Discord and I'm ok with any mods for the game.
  7. I have about 1100 hours in the game. I am in the US east coast. I play often. Just looking for friendly people to play with. PVE only.
  8. I am on a very crappy laptop and play SP and I have this issue. I already have the settings to about as low as they can go. I also type in gfx af 0 and gfx pp enable 0 in the debug menu when I play to help with fps issues. This never happened until Alpha 19. I played in the experimental and thought it was just an experimental problem but when stable was released, I still had the issue. I am working on getting a new desktop that will hopefully give me a chance to play on high or ultra settings. I don't know if the issue will still persist though. It sucks as I haven't been able to play much of Alpha 19 due to this. It just ruins the game for me.
  9. Translation for ardacho is I like the new update, yes, that wandering merchant shot with the grenade launcher like a crazy oh yeahh jajajajaja.
  10. Hi KhaineGB I wanna thank you again for such an awesome mod! I know you get told that a lot but damn it man it's hella good!!!!! TFP need to hire you for real! Anyway, thank you for answering my question and even going beyond to give me a pointer on how to get better fps. It's definitely MUCH appreciated!!! I am having the same problem as someone posted yesterday I believe. I only see hands and inventory. You said to delete the mod and game completely. I know what to do with deleting the mod and download it again. The game though, do I delete it from Steam and download it again there? May be a very stupid question but I'm HORRIBLE at this computer stuff (anything with computers except typing lol) so I just want to make sure I don't mess up. Thank you again for all the help and hard work!
  11. So, I have another silly question to ask. I promise I have looked on the forums and this thread but I can't find an exact answer. Maybe there isn't an exact answer. Anyway, I'm playing DF Alpha 17.2 on the small map (not small 2, just small). I'm absolutely loving this game but I'm to the point now where I can craft titanium and looking into solar panels. I read that titanium is on top in the wastelands and Trader Caitlin is there as well. By any chance does anyone have coordinates for her or approximate coordinates? If not, that's ok. I will keep looking. I just have a really slow computer and run the game on minimal settings so it takes me a bit longer to find places. Thank you in advance and thank you for reading I was also wondering if there was a way to set it to a certain day in the game? I had wanted to set the day back a bit cause I was afk for a period of time and the game just kept running. When I tried doing this, it sent me back to Day 16 (I was on Day 35). I can not get the slide bar in the debug options menu to go past Day 16. Am I doing something dumb or what?
  12. Thank you very much Khaine for answering. And so fast too. I have looked in the forest biome but I will continue looking. Wish me luck lol
  13. Loving this mod! Have a dumb question though. I just started the Farmer class and I'm having trouble locating apple trees. Which biome are they located in? I've tried searching the forums and online and I haven't found anything so far.
  14. I'm fairly new to Darkness Falls but I am really loving it. The creators have done an amazing job!!!! One thing I have been stuck on is a welding torch. I can't craft it and I can't find it at any traders so far. Is it a rare spawn? Would love to build a minibike but that torch is needed. Can anyone help?
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