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  1. Far as I know, in A20, youll be able to select any tier and pick a quest from it. so long as that tier is unlocked.
  2. Isnt there 3rd party map generators? Probably wait for those to get updated? Im not sure on this... king generator, or something.
  3. I think youre right, I think he also mentioned a tool to help?
  4. Was there; It must have been during that single 5minutes I got up lol. Ill go back and look for it, thanks lol.
  5. OOoooh, this... I actually like the baton. A T3 baton would be great. Maybe even if the damage was the same as T2, but the AOE was greatly improved. Spiderwebs sparking out across the hordes. ------------------------------------------- @faatal Is the starter quests disappearing fixed in A20 Reproduced 100% start a game, get the intro quest, save game, exit, reload.... No way to get them back. theyre lost. ------------------------------------ @faatal Or the loot bug Coop partner opens a container in a POI. Start a quest from a trader for the same POI while that person is still in the inventory. That person can no longer loot anything from inventories (trash cans, garbage, boxes etc) And not just for that POI, but in that game anywhere until they relog. as far as i know they can still pick up something that isnt inventory (like a rock off the floor) but opening inventories is now broken without a relog.
  6. @faatal You guys keep mentioning all new HD zombies; none of them are left to do, and showed them off. But I dont think I have seen the zombies "demolisher" or "feral wight", and a few others. Also, what about "Grace" ??? I believe you when they say they are done 😛 Just wondering if we can get a peek.
  7. Keep the controls the way they are, but able to go up and down without forward motion isnt more complex. You also cant jump off the 3rd story of a building with duct tape to your boots in the real world either and be perfectly fine, its a game. it only has to be just believable enough.
  8. RE: shooting from the vehicle. Make it so the player who can shoot must be the passenger in the jeep. or the player in the upcoming A20 motorcycle side-car WINK WINK
  9. I noticed you cut off the action bar, what are you hiding
  10. The possibilities would be endless Imagine it :stares off in to space, starts drooling:
  11. This would be great, add a use to some of those trap perks/books that are useless in single player; or co-op play. I would love to have to find the power source to disable turrets, or electric fences, blade traps. etc.. It could be a higher tier variation on restore power. called... wait for it.... "Disable power" LOL
  12. animal fats AND animal stews. with the dead flesh (like i said) that would allow the hobo stew as well. I mean, theres a semicolon there, and the word "and" I was pretty clear.
  13. Funnily enough im doing that now, got the idea from Glock9. Its was very savage at the start. Getting hard again because the food bar is up near 200. Filling it is pretty insane. If i had to do it again id probably allow only animal fat from zombie animals; and make vegetable stews. There just comes a point where 5-10 food isnt going to cut it when you need 20 to 40 of that item at a time. every 2 days.
  14. Or the vegetarian zombie in this photo
  15. every block is in place to match dishong though. Feature Request/Question Slider in game settings to alter ore richness. 25%-200% of course, if say youre getting 100 iron ore per block at default setting, this would alter it from 25 to 200 ore per block. this would be a server setting, and not a map gen setting of course.
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