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RNG determines if Blood Moon will spawn right next to you?


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I took this @SylenThunder response from a support thread, but my question really isn't a support issue so I moved it here. It was in response to a question about Blood Moon hordes spawning within a player's self-described "small" base:


12 hours ago, SylenThunder said:

The issue with the bloodmoon spawns is just you being lucky until now. It's always been a possibility that it could happen. 


Is this one of the many It Is Known things that I have missed? I've watched Vedui's horde spawn mechanics videos and re-created some of the tests myself and I was under the (apparently false) impression that the only way to force horde spawns near you was to blanket the surrounding area with no-spawn blocks. I read somewhere on these forums that step 1 of the spawn algorithm was something along the lines of "choose a random spot X meters from the player" where X was like 30 or 40. Then from there a 'cloud' of zombies starts spawning etc. etc.


The fact that RNG determining how close the horde spawns, with "right next to you" always a possibility, is a revelation. Is the initial spawn distance some sort of distribution curve, then, with "far away" more likely? I wonder how to square this with Vedui's tests. Maybe I misunderstood his results; wouldn't be the first time.

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Haven't done "real" tests, but from practical experience in all kinds of bases; it seems to be practically impossible for zeds to spawn "next to you". The prison POI or the missile silo haven't been large enough to allow spawns inside. The spawn range was reduced "lately", so that may have changed, but I'd be really surprised if there's a chance for a below 10 meter spawn range; it would be terrible design.


In the context of that thread, I don't see anyone claiming "spawning next to me", only "spawning inside my base" .. sure the base is claimed to be "rather small" but the day is above 100, what is "small" at that stage? Is it covered in terrain which would allow spawns, did they actually spawn inside or just pile over a fence giving the impression .. there isn't much there to go on.


Sure, might warrant some testing, but you'll need some answers regarding the base in question first.

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