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Fuller maps need advice


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I have a small problem.

As my group grows and i gain more and more players.

I am finding that there is not enough cities or towns for everyone.

What can i do to increase the amount of cities and loot-able places for my players?


I only use 8K maps and i have a maximum of 30 players.

hardware will not be an issue i have very decent hardware specs from renting from a data center.


The maps are large but there is maybe only 5-8 cities and towns total there is nothing at the edges of the map.

no one goes there and it is just a huge amount of wasted space chewing up ram and cpu cycles.


I have heard of nitro, BUT i have also heard it is very buggy and has a lot of floating cities and buildings and other things like that?

Is there a way i can use the XML files to increase city spawns? or even adjust the sizes etc.?

I know this used to be possible years ago. I don't want prefabs those don't have any loot in em.

it would be nice to see a full 8K map with roads and cities and towns.


I have not asked this question for a long time any help or suggestions would be great.

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Our group runs 12k maps. We don't use Nitrogen because we don't want any bugs related to using something that is horribly outdated at this point.


RedEagle has a mod that adds additional creation size options to your client. You can adjust the size there, and you can also use the world editor. You can make changes in the rwgmixer as well, but it's been a long time since I played with that. We just make a few seeds until we find one we like.


Another thing that we do on our servers, is respawing cars, regularly resetting POI's, and resetting all regions that do not have land claims in them.

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