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Items don't render/show in my base


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does anyone know how to fix this??😢😥

Items don't render/show in my base 

everything started after I placed electrical stuff around the base generators/ battery bank/ smg turret

viewed from a distance everything is ok.. but when I get close only the shadows are showing







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6 hours ago, skippy19893 said:

SMG Turret


I've reported this since A19 has come out .. so hoping it Will get fixed soon, their are several Youtubers having the same issue.

Total pain in the butt and it Happens on Modded and none Modded games, doesn't make a difference. 

I think it has something to do with the New Textures that they are using .. Never happened before A19 (when new textures were introduced) .. well to me anyway and I have over 5000hrs in game, been playing a long time ... the Old Gamer .. 😌


These couple short clips are from current Vanilla Game A19.1 Stable (Lol) with a couple of mods installs. But I've tried it on Straight Vanilla and a full modded game on the Mod Launcher and get the same thing. ...... SO it is a Game ISSUE for TFP to fix.

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On 10/15/2020 at 12:37 AM, gpcstargate said:

Do You Have Turrets (SMG or Shotgun) Installed ?? Yes on Known bug .. But Only happens to me .. AFTER I Have installed Turrets and it will Stop if you remove turrets. 


AND it is a Royal pain in the Butt. Only started happening in A19+

On my server helped me just restarted the server and game...everything was ok then...

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