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[A19]Advanced Repair Kits


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Advanced Repair Kits




The goal of this mod was to update a release for A18 so it would operate in A19 but it grew into a little more. The original mod can be found in this post Proper Repair Kits. Credit to the original developer of this mod mlburgoon for not only allowing me to update the mod but for allowing me to take over the mod for future updates.

List of work performed to the original.


  1. Items - Corrected errors preventing loading of the file. Added extend to eliminate the need for multiple properties that matched the original item which are now inherited and reduce file size by 1/3.  Added items to the repair set that were missing from A19. Changed the names associated to each to match the A19 names. Made icons for the kits. Added bundles.
  2. Traders - Rare chance to find them in traders using the default 1-5 stacks used by repair kits.
  3. Progression - Repaired the errors for learning how to craft properly in A19 and included Progression for the bundles.
  4. Recipes - Corrected errors that prevented loading. Added bundles as a crafting item using full stacks of kits as 1 bundle.
  5. Loot - Corrected errors that prevented the loot from loading and assigned a fixed 9% chance for everything to balance drops with the original Repair Kit
  6. Localization - Added the bundle information and altered a few descriptions to match the adjustments made in the items file.


Repair Kits Explained

Pale Blue Non-Metal Armor Repair Kit   Cloth, Leather
Brown      Metal Armor Repair Kit            Scrap, Steel, Mining Helmet, Firefighter Helmet
Grey         Military Armor Repair Kit        Military, SWAT Helmet
Blue          Power Tool Repair Kit              Impact Driver, Nailgun, Chainsaw, Auger
Green       Gun Repair Kit                           All Default Firearms that use bullets or shells
Orange     Steel Repair Kit                         Repairs all steel made melee weapons and mining tools


* This mod is compatible with Stackables.





* Firearm mods that do not extend the original items will not be able to use this mod properly. For global mod compatibility the developers would need to convert to use extend rather than hard code the repair tools.


* Vehicles - At this time I have been unable to include vehicles but will continue to work toward adding them with a custom repair kit.


Download - Full Version  *Client and Server Required. Will display the new icons.


Download - Server Only Version  *Does not require clients to have the mod but will use recolored icons and not the new icon set.



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