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SO are skill point resets still happening?


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27 minutes ago, AlyssaFaden said:

A friend of mine running no mods, just got a skillpoint reset in his A19 game with ALL SAVES affected.

Was the source of this issue ever figured out/acknowledged? Or was it brushed off as an Alpha 19 Beta thing?

There was a change in skills during experimental that would have caused this if you did not wipe between the update before and that update.


All throughout a19 experimental we advised that you restart a new save with each update.  If you started a save in b173, it could have problems in b180 due to changes.


Also note that there has never been Beta. Up until b180 was declared stable a few days ago, you were playing unstable experimental Alpha builds. During Alpha development it is anticipated that a wipe and fresh save is started with each new update.

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49 minutes ago, AlyssaFaden said:

Was the source of this issue ever figured out/acknowledged?

The number one source that I have seen is from the game crashing. Game crashes and when the player reboots their map and base is fine but it is Day 1 and they are a starting character again with no possessions. The safest workaround is frequent backups of your save folder. When the game crashes while save data is being written (which happens every few seconds I believe so the probability is high) things get corrupted. 


Now if there was no crash and the last game session closed down properly then it might be something else. But whenever I have talked to someone who got reset it was because of a crash.

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