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  1. sorry man to waste your time; I see the entry method after personally taking a look. I'm in. THANK YOU. will direct the hubby.
  2. Hey all - is the Darkness falls discord still a thing> My hubby applied about a week ago and is still pending approval. Hee wants to ask questions there and see what has already been answered/posted.
  3. Hi all - I'm experiencing two potential bugs (and one thing I think needs to be tweaked) with a clean-install of Darkness Falls, restarted game from scratch, and NO OTHER MODLETS running: 1) Trader Caitlin for me is INVISIBLE. I can interact with her empty space. A co-op player with me sees her, I do not. 2) As a mechanic class my questline seems to be broken. I have the wrench and got to the quest point where you have to repair it (needs repair kit). SO I did. And the questline did not advance. Do I need to do something special here? 3) Suggestion: Trader Jenn's compound guards are aiming too high. I assume that they are turrets with a different model, so if this is the case their cone of site is set directly ahead of them. They will shoot at very very distant zombies, but not at anything even at medium range. I watched zombies at medium range jump up ... this got them into the cone of fire and were shot at, but when they stopped the jump or walked closer, guards just would not see them at all. I feel like the cones of fire need to be brought down a smidge. The mod is incredible. I can't see me playing vanilla again. Really nice job. JaWoodle is why I started playing it. I'm glad he did.
  4. OKay, so the game *DID* add them back in. thank you. I thought I was going insane. They REAPPEARED for me over the weekend WITHOUT the mod, so with everyone saying "it's not in the game" I thought I was going crazy!
  5. Really? this is so freaking weird. LIke me and 2 friends had it enabled and we're all convinced the pimps enabled it and I see youtubers with it. I'm like ... stunned. okay, I'll accept this as-is I guess!
  6. LOCKED SLOTS! that's the one. I thought TFP enabled this a version or so back???? because I DID run the mod, but then it conflicted when TFP enabled it themselves, so I removed the mod and it was fine ... but now I've moved computers and it's gone ... and it's gone for my husband who hasn't moved computers. I feel like TFP added locked slots .. and then nuked it ...
  7. Hey all - fired up 7 days after a week or so of not playing, and noticed that my container swapping icons were different: I have sort, I have transfer ... but I have no option to place on counted limit on what not to transfer. I've moved between computer inside that week and am not sure if it's something about my new install or if the game was broken in the interim?
  8. I have no idea if this is normal or not. I installed java. I verified by firing up java. Yet my Nitrogen seems to be going "wtf is java?" EDIT: Figured it out and record here incase anyone encounters this. my version of java was the 32bit version. obviously that's wrong. The java site is an ass to use and easy to hti the "download!" button, which gives you the wrong one. hunt for 64-bit manual download.
  9. But Z's WILL use ladders. And do so freely (save for dogs, of course). There *is* something weir din the AI, and you can see that in JaWoodles recent horde night defenses. IN that he has two "arms" out to a platform, which the zombies get to via ... ladders ... and then they walk the arms to a box where he is standing (all concrete, recently steel). And the zombies always always always walk to and hit ONE BLOCK IN APRTICULAR to oneside. IN fact, the block they are attacking would require that they take out 4 steel blocks to get to him, while hitting elsewhere would be 2. So they are ignoring the easiest route witht he fewest HPs and they are magically targeting the hardest route, and have been since his first horde defense. Same corner over and over.
  10. 100%. the player models and the clothing/armor were fine for earlier development, but they are pretty ... weak visually.
  11. In previous alphas I understood the trader secret stashes, because there were icons for each stash. Don't have access to a stash? no icon But I'm watching JaWoodle and he keeps hitting up a secret stash and a "secret secret stash" by flipping the goggles he's wearing???? I can't figure out how secret stashes are meant to be working in A19.
  12. I'm pretty okay with the current system BUT I entirely see the OPs point of view. The narrow list of available stone age makes it somewhat predictable what you are going to get, and the fact that you are restricted to that range - regardless of what you are looting - narrows the value of those big, high value treasures. Locked 10,000 hp crate? Here's your scrap armor. Sure, it's level 3, but scrap armor. Oh, and a blunderbus. Gratz. Hope it was worth the 2 in game hrs chipping it open with a stone axe. It removes something from a game: gun safe? no worth opening until later. Shotgun messiah factor? treasure room in waterworks? nah, I'll pass until my game stage is up. I'd prefer to see these top-tier locked containers have at least A CHANCE for the next tier up (or more). Maybe something that increases with lucky looter. But right now - while I understand, respect, and appreciate, and accept what the pimps are doing with the current system - it's too linear.
  13. it's literally not as bad as the OP is indicating on any level, but a little luck helps. I've just started a single player game (no mods) and by day 3 I have something like 100 meat, enough eggs to have an emergency stack of bacon and eggs, some boiled and grilled meat. cans saved for future recipes, and non-recipe cans for emergency backup. I have 6 farm plots down, with 3 planted with a potato and two corn, and I have started to unlocked the living off the land perk. I've done nothing special here at all. gore blocks, annoying flappy-flaps, and undead dogs gave me a bunch of rotten flesh (and gore blocks are everywhere!), with an emergency run to a nitrate surface mine to get some nitrate. IN the process I got clay, and: boom: farm plots A single hen, two rabbits, and a wolf gave me supplies for meat, then a chance run in with a bear (lots of arrows and a blunderbus from a roof) and I'm laughing.
  14. I like them in principle, but there's some godawful logic behind some of them. Want to be a cook? GET BUFF SON!!! like WTF is cooking under strength?
  15. A friend of mine running no mods, just got a skillpoint reset in his A19 game with ALL SAVES affected. Was the source of this issue ever figured out/acknowledged? Or was it brushed off as an Alpha 19 Beta thing?
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