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fpsHUD Mod [updated 1.2.0v]


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Lots of replies recently. @X_Misterys_X thanks for taking the initiative. I'll test out what you have once I get a chance and update the main here if it works. This is open sourced after all. If that happens, I can update the credits too. Just want everyone to keep in mind that I do work 45/hrs a week as a software engineer and have 5 kiddos, so I'm very busy. This is more of a hobby when I do have time. Will try getting to 19.1 within a week or so. 


@Sirillion I can take a look at the scaling issue, I have 4k screens and didn't see any issue, will see if I can replicate. 



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For anyone who noticed the wrong place for level kdz, just put it under the compass in windows.xml

            <rect name="playerInfo" size="700,100" depth="99" pos="500,0" controller="CharacterFrameWindow">
                <sprite depth="3" pos="-40,4" size="150,20" color="[darkGrey]" foregroundlayer="true" type="sliced"/>
                <sprite depth="4" pos="-40,4" size="150,20" color="{xpcolor}" sprite="menu_empty3px" type="filled" fill="{xp}" globalopacitymod="1.5"
                        controller="ToolbeltWindow" standard_xp_color="85,125,180,200" updating_xp_color="[green]"
                        deficit_xp_color="[red]" xp_fill_speed="3.5"/>

                    <panel name="header" height="15" depth="1" pos="9999,9999" backgroundspritename="ui_game_panel_header">
                        <label depth="2" name="characterName" pos="42,-6" size="150,32" text="" font_size="32"/>
                        <label depth="2" name="levelNumber" pos="240,-10" size="80,28" text="" color="[lightGrey]"/>

                    <rect visible="{showcharacter}" pos="9999,9999" >
                        <panel name="previewFrame" depth="0" pos="0,0" width="10" on_press="true" on_hover="true" disableautobackground="true" snap="false">
                                <texture depth="2" name="playerPreview" material="Materials/Transparent Colored" size="8,8" globalopacity="false"/>

                    <label depth="5" name="TextContent" pos="-35,4" font_size="18" color="[white]" justify="left" pivot="topleft" text="Level: {playerlevel} - {playerxptonextlevel}" controller="PlayerStatsWindow"/>
                    <label name="playerXP" font_size="18" pos="135,4" controller="PlayerStatsWindow" color="[white]" depth="5" effect="outline" text="KDZ - {playerpvpkills} | {playerdeaths} | {playerzombiekills}" justify="left"/>





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Icons like Health water etc are replaced with "?" even the Eye icon for Stealth is replaced with "?"    this is my opinion on the ui. I think the food water etc ui are good but they can be a little bit bigger and the Toolbelt too they look so small 

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