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  1. Lots of replies recently. @X_Misterys_X thanks for taking the initiative. I'll test out what you have once I get a chance and update the main here if it works. This is open sourced after all. If that happens, I can update the credits too. Just want everyone to keep in mind that I do work 45/hrs a week as a software engineer and have 5 kiddos, so I'm very busy. This is more of a hobby when I do have time. Will try getting to 19.1 within a week or so. @Sirillion I can take a look at the scaling issue, I have 4k screens and didn't see any issue, will see if I can replicate.
  2. For stable A19 version, not A19.1 experimental version. Modlet updated. 1.2.0 - 9.23.20 - Fix issue with lag caused after opening containers - Updated position of xp bar as it overlapped when opening map.
  3. @nightshade I'll probably update it this week and include @sneakpeak's suggestion as well for performance. I'll probably have 2 versions as some servers are not moving to A19.1 just yet. Thanks a ton!
  4. Just in case, make sure to update to the latest version. I simplified the code a bit, hopefully that helps if it was causing issues at all. I see a lot of servers have that issue with inventory, but they don't have my HUD mod installed. That console information you're getting isn't something you would get from my HUD mod though, odd. If you have more mods, try adding them one by one until you find the culprit. However, it can very well be an issue with the game itself. As we all know, they JUST added the inventory sorting mechanism, wonder if that has anything to do with it.
  5. Changelog 1.1.0v - 8.25.20 - Center text for popup information with toolbelt - Toolbelt icons made slightly smaller, they were too large. - Center environmental information under compass - Make sure party component works with 8 party members. - Modify colors for stats HUD Bar - Make stealth bar larger - easier to see. - Add dark background for player information bars (health,stamina,food,water) - Modify size of toolbelt durability bar - Modify positioning and size of toolbelt numbers - Minimized code where possible - Party component moved up to top left corner. - Chat component made slightly
  6. Hi Eternal, Are you running your own server? Send me the server specs - this mod would not give you the lag you're talking about as it doesn't interfere with Loot containers. I was on a server that was using this before and had someone thinking (not the owner) that this mod was causing the issue, but the boy had a potato computer. I know lag is frustrating, but its not always the mods/server - the game is in alpha. In order to provide some help, what makes you think this is causing the lag on your server? Take a look at the resource logs and see what is going on. More than happy to
  7. Thanks! Let me know if you face any bugs.
  8. Hi everyone, I designed a simple HUD mod based on my experience playing 7DTD on pvp servers. The vanilla HUD lacked things that I felt would be useful for people playing in groups or fighting other players. This is not by any means a professional mod, its my first mod ever, but I do plan on keeping it up-to-date. This is completely open-sourced. Features Compact party system that shows the stamina of all members. Navigation system that shows degrees in increments of 15 degrees for better callouts. Larger tool belt blocks for increased ease of use.
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