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  1. Google Drive mirror of latest version (currently 7.0.0) Adds invulnerable bulletproof glass and stainless steel and more specialized blocks Adds new materials; invulnerable glass and invulnerable steel (could used bedrock but i had some poor exp with it earlier) Adds new glass blocks all invulnerable; cube, plate, ramp, pillar50 Adds new steel blocks all invulnerable; cube, half, plate, ramp, stairs, stairs with railings, pyramid, pillar, pillar cap, pillar50, bars, ladder, log spike (trap) Adds new special blocks all invulnerable; garage door 5x3x1,
  2. Hi everyone, I designed a simple HUD mod based on my experience playing 7DTD on pvp servers. The vanilla HUD lacked things that I felt would be useful for people playing in groups or fighting other players. This is not by any means a professional mod, its my first mod ever, but I do plan on keeping it up-to-date. This is completely open-sourced. Features Compact party system that shows the stamina of all members. Navigation system that shows degrees in increments of 15 degrees for better callouts. Larger tool belt blocks for increased ease of use.
  3. Alexander the Great 💯
  4. We run a a PVP/PVE modded server, so try a server different from the others! become a Jedi, become the wealthiest survivor or be a hunter in the PVP area! Your base is always saved and stores you buy! We just want to have fun, that's the TIPSY way! https://www.tipsycity7days.com/ WHAT MODES WE HAVE: * Over 20 Vehicles! *Lightsabers (RARE) *Laser guns, swords and more *Working TV (3 channels) *Working Radio (10 songs/2hrs) *Come and gamble slot machines (win money or lose it) * Over 10 new zombies * Own a store in TIPSY ALWAYS
  5. Snufkin's Battle Royale v0.01 Gameplay. The game is a classic Battle Royale (last player alive wins). The match starts at 07:00 with a window until 09:00 for players to join. Players spawn in a random position in the map. They have freedom of movement until 12:00 of the next day, when a supply drop will fall from the sky and the first safe zone will be determined. Safe zone centers are chosen pseudo-randomly. They will not always be inside the previous safe zone radius. Players have until 23:59 to reach the safe zone. Between 00:00 and 11:59 players outs
  7. Hello everyone. I'm currently working on a pvp server project and I like to write a Discord bot which alerts players when their base is under attack. If there is enough demand I would make a server admin friendly version you could use too. So far I have already proof of concept that this is 100% possible, but before I write this down I like to collect some ideas. Furthermore I like to add a system which limits per player claimblocks by the time spent on the server and would integrate this too if there is interest in such a feature and possibly more pvp related
  8. Hi everyone, Just to let you know that i created a server with my friend, we are 2 and we are looking for some new players on our world. The server is a PvP brand new place on his first days so giving you some infos: 300% xp and loot 3 claims per players standard rules like trader safe zone and ofc fairplay expected from everyone on the server server name: [PVP]-[EU] - COVID 19 - WIPED 12.01.2021 Thats all, dont hesitate to ask me if you want some more infos. Thanks to all the community and i hope to see you on our world soon.
  9. Hello future friends! Or enemies, your choice! I've been playing on this server (BShop True Survival PVP) since it's launch and would like to take a moment and show it off, as well as find a few new players to come hang out with our family. A little background first. At the time of writing this post, I've accumulated over 3923.5 hours of play in 7D2D split between single play and online servers. My first 6 months online were spent between NAPVP, Tweaks Lament PVP, Builder Friendly/PVP/400%, and finally Trips PVP, until it was shutdown in December. I dealt with uncaring,
  10. Hello again. Is in this game, in configs, any posibility to add 1 item (or change one exist in configs) what can ignore Claim protection and deal Full damage when used? (for example timed charge)
  11. Are you tired of janky servers that wipe every week and restart every 30 minutes? Are you sick of PvP servers that don't police item duplication? Are you tired of hackers ruining PvP? Mercenary Gaming has a Solution for you! Introducing Apocalypse PvE from Mercenary Gaming. We are a team of 7DTD game enthusiasts and IT Professionals who are currently employed in the industry. We combine our skillset used in the industry with a love for 7 Days To Die, to create a Stable, Low-Latency gaming environment. Hosted on Dedicated on Headless Linux Debian in Ontario CA, with ser
  12. The Silent Joe's PvPvE Anarchy 500% / 300% Main Features : - PvPvE - 15 Slots - Custom Map 8K (/w pvp, reset & pve zones) and a lot of cities & towns! - High rates (500% Loot, 300% Experience gain with additional tweeks to loot.xml and more on the way). - 2 Bases (Land claim blocks) per player. - Max 3 players per group. - Upgrading performance & slots when required. - Open to suggestions to improve the experience. - Lightly modded. - Voting rewards and QoL commands. - Chat /shop with Silent Joe's Coins earned trough killing zombies. - 6 Rare trader location
  13. Hi, i have one question. Actually i making server for PVP, now i using one mod what changing Camera in Vechicle cos i not want situation when someone X_raying some field to searching hidding bases. Im nearly the end, cannot do this in Gryocopter, 4x4, Motocycle but...Unfortunatle Cycle, Minibike still have problem. Problem is this little camera back movment when vechicle speed up... There my question. Is possible to Delete this movment? or mayby someone have already setting what delete X-raying? Like see in Screenshot, with Turbo pushing wall, still x-ray... i need to delete this mov
  14. First time posting on the forums, and as of the time of this post it is just before the official release (Been playing experimental of A19). I have about 6,200 hrs. of play time on 7dtd and I've played through quite a few Alphas. I've seen hints at it from others on the forums, and I know of at least 4 other people on my list who have had the same complaint that you go on, you look for a server to PvP on and all the settings are let's say extremely casual. Xp modifiers are all a minimum of 200% (usually several times higher), same with loot, the zombies themselves are either defaul
  15. Didn't play online in a while. Now I started on PvP server where the rule is: no pvp at traders. So its kinda up to the players not to shoot others at the trader. For the admin its some work to deal with rule brakers. Players have to record, edit and upload videos. Maybe an option for servers would be nice to make traders a no-pvp area and an option to define the size of the no-pvp area, up to a maximum (so you dont make the whole map no-pvp). Maybe it can be modded but maybe it would be easier for server hosters to implement this into the game. aswell as a delay w
  16. Hello everybody and Welcome to the [EU] [PVP] Black Death / A19.1 / WIPE 22.09.2020 Community! We would like to announce our server here in order to gain some cool people to play with. The server is a high performance, advanced RAM server that comes with 42 Slots, based in Frankfurt, Germany. We are fairly new, but come with huge server experience in and outside of 7 days to die. Server Infos : Name : [EU] [PVP] Black Death / A19.1 / WIPE 22.09.2020 Version : Latest Experimental (A19.1) IP & Port : Map : Nitrogen 6k map (the map is a bomb! :D)
  17. Hey everyone, I’m a small youtuber looking for a whitelisted role-play, unlimited pvp, pve server. I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t find anything. If you know of a good one even if it’s not whitelisted I’d greatly appreciate it 🙏 also I’m always looking for new people to role-play with so comment if your looking for a fellow survivor/ role-play series to join.
  18. Difficulty: Normal Exp: 400% Loot: 150% Day Night Length: 90 Min. Day Light Length: 18 Drop on Death: Backpack only Drop on quit: Nothing Max. Spawned Zombies: 75 Max. Spawned Animals: 50 Bloodmoon Enemy Count: 12 Loot respawn Days: 3 Land Claim Expiry Time: 14 Land Claim Decay Mode: Linear Land Claim ONLINE Durability modifier: 16 Land Claim Offline Durability modifier: 48 Zombie Speed Normal: Jog Zombie Speed Night: Nightmare Zombie Speed Feral: Nightmare Zombie Speed Bloodmoon: Sprint 1.
  19. SERVER NAME: NA/PVP/6K Map/Custom Settings and Mods The Goal of this server is to promote Balanced PVPVE, you can play however you want (Solo, with friends or temporary alliances). All mods/settings are to enhance the quality of life but at the same time still make the game fun and challenging. 7 Days to Die is not exactly a realistic game so don't expect everything to be as such, however at the same time it will be Lore Friendly. I will list some of the custom changes/mods below, however please feel free to ask me any questions or suggestions. You can join the Discord channel for
  20. Sector Slain PVP Arena and Survival Server (Wiped 10/5) Active admins and discord. In game commands including /home (Teleport to set location) /shop (Purchase items from topics housing, books, clothing, medic, ammo, machines, food, and misc) /pack (teleport to last death Currency to use commands from zombie kills (Persistent through wipes). Allowed 4 land claims per person. Arena events, custom random gen map, admin created vending machines, and other specialties. Server Rules: What goes around comes around. We're all here to have fun, so hide y
  21. Hey guys just wanted to post a update of my server and give some info about it and how we work no holds barred is a pvp anarchy server And community and is our first of two servers while the new world order overhaul is in development it’s a no wipe long haul server where you can trade make allies raid build as big as you like and more you start in prison from there you may do as you please just cannot camp at or damage the prison as it’s the sole spawn point, we may add events when the community is large enough to run them cheats and exploits aren
  22. Hello, i have started a new server, 200% Xp 300% loot. NAV Alpha 19. 16 slots. it is PVP. i am looking to do a DUO thing. so if you and a friend want to team up and PVP vs groups of 2 let me know. it is a locked server. . im looking for 6-8 players. so we have 4-5 teams. add me on discord and message me with ur team name, and i will make a channel in the discord server for ur duo. im thinking of doing events and much much more!!! PS: IT WILL BE LIKE A PURGE STYLE RAIDING BASES ONLY DURING RAID HOURS!!!! PVP IF YOU SEE ONE ANOTHER WHILE OUT LOOTING OR DOING WHATEVER YOU AR
  23. Hi there! Wasn't sure exactly where to post this and couldn't find much on it. But it seems with A19 there is a problem with the auto turrets. They will shoot zombies, but they don't work when targeting yourself or targeting other players. So they are not something that can be used for base defense while in PvP which is a real big downer. It's not just servers either, it also does not work in single player games, private hosted games or any public servers. Specifically, this is the auto turrets. Shotgun/Smg. Thanks!
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