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  1. Hello again. Is in this game, in configs, any posibility to add 1 item (or change one exist in configs) what can ignore Claim protection and deal Full damage when used? (for example timed charge)
  2. Are you tired of janky servers that wipe every week and restart every 30 minutes? Are you sick of PvP servers that don't police item duplication? Are you tired of hackers ruining PvP? Mercenary Gaming has a Solution for you! Introducing Apocalypse PvE from Mercenary Gaming. We are a team of 7DTD game enthusiasts and IT Professionals who are currently employed in the industry. We combine our skillset used in the industry with a love for 7 Days To Die, to create a Stable, Low-Latency gaming environment. Hosted on Dedicated on Headless Linux Debian in Ontario CA, with server redundancy in Virginia, USA. Metropolis PVP | A19 | 400% | 10/2 PVP.MG7D.COM:26900 • 100 Slots • 400% Loot / 400% Harvest / 400% XP • 4KM Custom Nitrogen Map • Large Metropolis Cities • Smart-Zombie AI • Reset Zones • Ammo Bundles • Big Stacks • 96 - Slot Backpack • Boosted Air Drops • PvP Bag Drop • 90 Minute Days • 4-Hour Restarts • Custom Skills, Zombies, UI • 100+ Server-Side Mods (No Download Required!) • Friendly Community • Active-Staff • Exploit / Cheat Detection • Botman & CSMM • Linux Hosted • Day 3000 Wipe 7 Days To Die Server Listing Official Website Server Page Join Our Discord! Red: Reset Zone
  3. The Silent Joe's PvPvE Anarchy 500% / 300% Main Features : - PvPvE - 15 Slots - Custom Map 8K (/w pvp, reset & pve zones) and a lot of cities & towns! - High rates (500% Loot, 300% Experience gain with additional tweeks to loot.xml and more on the way). - 2 Bases (Land claim blocks) per player. - Max 3 players per group. - Upgrading performance & slots when required. - Open to suggestions to improve the experience. - Lightly modded. - Voting rewards and QoL commands. - Chat /shop with Silent Joe's Coins earned trough killing zombies. - 6 Rare trader locations with all 6 traders available at one POI. - Rare POI's with more sealed boxes and special loot. (Might get removed) More informations & rules..! - 7D2D Servers : https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90382/ - Discord : https://discord.gg/UN8DZ6ATk9
  4. Hi, i have one question. Actually i making server for PVP, now i using one mod what changing Camera in Vechicle cos i not want situation when someone X_raying some field to searching hidding bases. Im nearly the end, cannot do this in Gryocopter, 4x4, Motocycle but...Unfortunatle Cycle, Minibike still have problem. Problem is this little camera back movment when vechicle speed up... There my question. Is possible to Delete this movment? or mayby someone have already setting what delete X-raying? Like see in Screenshot, with Turbo pushing wall, still x-ray... i need to delete this movement... Thanks for help FunPimps, really REPAIR THIS FRICKING EXPLOIT! This ruined evry PVP server...
  5. First time posting on the forums, and as of the time of this post it is just before the official release (Been playing experimental of A19). I have about 6,200 hrs. of play time on 7dtd and I've played through quite a few Alphas. I've seen hints at it from others on the forums, and I know of at least 4 other people on my list who have had the same complaint that you go on, you look for a server to PvP on and all the settings are let's say extremely casual. Xp modifiers are all a minimum of 200% (usually several times higher), same with loot, the zombies themselves are either default or maybe one higher, air drops are turned up, etc. well you get the idea. Occasionally you see what looks to be a server with decent settings, everything looks like it's not enhanced to the point of breaking the balance and progression, you join, and then you realize they changed the internal settings to make it far too easy (Like every level you get 3 skill points instead of 1 for instance). Now, all that being said. . . I'm curious of how many people are out there like me that would prefer to have an actual PvP server with drop all, land claim protection isn't infinite, zombie settings are let's say hardest or one below hardest, XP modifier is either 100% or lower, and same with loot. No special mods to make the game easier (Not really concerned with ones that display more information), and in general gives you the sense that if you die and lose your stuff to someone it would actually be a big deal, instead of just walk into the next POI and get tons of loot back because all the settings are designed to be easy mode. I know one person that runs a public server with mostly the settings I'm looking for, and I know of a couple more people that have been kicking around creating a server for all of the above mentioned reasons, but before all that I wanted to reach out to the community and see how many others this message resonates with and see how viable it is (Obviously with a PvP server the more people the better). TLDR: PvP server settings of any and all currently known public servers are a joke, who wants to play on a PvP server with difficult settings all the way around, not just around the PvP part but the PvE part as well so a death would actually have an impact, and the first guy you see with a decent set of gear had to work at getting it rather than it being handed to them.
  6. Didn't play online in a while. Now I started on PvP server where the rule is: no pvp at traders. So its kinda up to the players not to shoot others at the trader. For the admin its some work to deal with rule brakers. Players have to record, edit and upload videos. Maybe an option for servers would be nice to make traders a no-pvp area and an option to define the size of the no-pvp area, up to a maximum (so you dont make the whole map no-pvp). Maybe it can be modded but maybe it would be easier for server hosters to implement this into the game. aswell as a delay when leaving the trader area (a few minutes or a certain distance / configurable) to become vulnerable again against other players who camp the trader.
  7. Hello everybody and Welcome to the [EU] [PVP] Black Death / A19.1 / WIPE 22.09.2020 Community! We would like to announce our server here in order to gain some cool people to play with. The server is a high performance, advanced RAM server that comes with 42 Slots, based in Frankfurt, Germany. We are fairly new, but come with huge server experience in and outside of 7 days to die. Server Infos : Name : [EU] [PVP] Black Death / A19.1 / WIPE 22.09.2020 Version : Latest Experimental (A19.1) IP & Port : Map : Nitrogen 6k map (the map is a bomb! :D) Modded xml files : spawning.xml, items.xml, progression.xml (Alot more zombies! Rebalanced stack sizes [max x2]! And lvl 500!)* The modifications are all serverside! No mods needed to download! Rules : Generaly PvP! / NO PvP at Traders (in and arround the Traders) / NO glitching in any form. Max Level : 500 (But Vanilla skill system - means after lvl 200 something, you just gain levels to "achieve" still something.) Settings : Looking forward to see you guys on the server!
  8. Hi everyone, I designed a simple HUD mod based on my experience playing 7DTD on pvp servers. The vanilla HUD lacked things that I felt would be useful for people playing in groups or fighting other players. This is not by any means a professional mod, its my first mod ever, but I do plan on keeping it up-to-date. This is completely open-sourced. Features Compact party system that shows the stamina of all members. Navigation system that shows degrees in increments of 15 degrees for better callouts. Larger tool belt blocks for increased ease of use. Simple design to provide you with information without clutter. (day, time, elevation, temperature and core temperature) Simple KDZ info at a glance (player kills, deaths, zombies killed) Clean XP bar with level and amount of XP left for next level. Food and Water bar under Health and Stamina bar. Simplified Chat Box with darker background. Server-side friendly - does not require players to download & install this mod on their end. How to Install Download the repository (master Branch) and move into your Mods folder. That's it. Repository: https://github.com/lloan/7DTD-fpsHUD Direct download: https://github.com/lloan/7DTD-fpsHUD/archive/master.zip Credit Utilized Sirillion's HUD modlet as a base to learn from as it modifies a lot of the HUD, thanks to them. Also received help from the modding community via Discord. Thanks to GanTheGrey for pointing me in the right direction with controllers - helped keep xp bar up-to-date. Thanks to Chaos.Blend for directing me to uTinyRipper so that I could modify the texture for the navigation into more of a fortnite navigation. If I'm missing anyone, just send me a direct message on Discord. Here is a quick snapshot of what the HUD mod looks like. Here is a breakdown of features: Changelog 1.2.0v - 9.23.20 - Fix issue with lag caused after opening containers - Updated position of xp bar as it overlapped when opening map. 1.1.0v - 8.25.20 - Center text for popup information with toolbelt - Toolbelt icons made slightly smaller, they were too large. - Center environmental information under compass - Make sure party component works with 8 party members. - Modify colors for stats HUD Bar - Make stealth bar larger - easier to see. - Add dark background for player information bars (health,stamina,food,water) - Modify size of toolbelt durability bar - Modify positioning and size of toolbelt numbers - Minimized code where possible - Party component moved up to top left corner. - Chat component made slightly more compact. - screenshot image updated
  9. Hey everyone, I’m a small youtuber looking for a whitelisted role-play, unlimited pvp, pve server. I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t find anything. If you know of a good one even if it’s not whitelisted I’d greatly appreciate it 🙏 also I’m always looking for new people to role-play with so comment if your looking for a fellow survivor/ role-play series to join.
  10. Difficulty: Normal Exp: 400% Loot: 150% Day Night Length: 90 Min. Day Light Length: 18 Drop on Death: Backpack only Drop on quit: Nothing Max. Spawned Zombies: 75 Max. Spawned Animals: 50 Bloodmoon Enemy Count: 12 Loot respawn Days: 3 Land Claim Expiry Time: 14 Land Claim Decay Mode: Linear Land Claim ONLINE Durability modifier: 16 Land Claim Offline Durability modifier: 48 Zombie Speed Normal: Jog Zombie Speed Night: Nightmare Zombie Speed Feral: Nightmare Zombie Speed Bloodmoon: Sprint 1. Commands /fps - Shows the server FPS /day7 - Shows information about the server /bloodmoon - Shows the time of the blood moon /gimme - A random item (usable every 60 minutes) /stuck - Get rid of stuck bugs /suicide - suicide /pm - private message /rm - answer to private message 2. House system /sethome - House set /delhome - House remove /home - Teleport to the house (usable every 60 minutes) 3. Other Features Trader are 24/7 open Vehicles have more seats 4. Server Restarts 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 MESZ 1. General rules 1.0. Each user is to be treated with respect. 1.1. Insults or discriminatory content against groups will not be tolerated. 1.2. Third party providers who provide unfair advantages will be punished with a permanent ban. 1.3. Taking advantage of in-game errors is not permitted and will be punished depending on the case. 1.4. Server-side errors are to be reported to an administrator in-game or in TeamSpeak; failure to report them will be penalized depending on the case. 1.5. Users who exploit bugs or use third-party providers who provide unfair advantages should be reported, failure to report these users leads to a permanent ban. 2. Trader rules 2.0. Attacking and killing players is not allowed on traders and within a radius of 100m. 2.1. Tracking a player from Trader is prohibited and can be investigated. 2.2. Attacking abandoned vehicles is prohibited within 1000m of a trader. 3. Baseboot rules 3.0. It is not allowed to rob a base with zombies. Gameserver: TeamSpeak³: Coming soon Discord: Coming soon 7daystodie-servers.com: https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90325/
  12. SERVER NAME: NA/PVP/6K Map/Custom Settings and Mods The Goal of this server is to promote Balanced PVPVE, you can play however you want (Solo, with friends or temporary alliances). All mods/settings are to enhance the quality of life but at the same time still make the game fun and challenging. 7 Days to Die is not exactly a realistic game so don't expect everything to be as such, however at the same time it will be Lore Friendly. I will list some of the custom changes/mods below, however please feel free to ask me any questions or suggestions. You can join the Discord channel for this server at https://discord.gg/pQ6UdqM ALL MODS ARE SERVER WIDE AND DO NOT REQUIRE DOWNLOAD TO PLAY/USE! 1. GeekMyVehicle (Tiered vehicles unlocked through quests, they're faster/more storage/unique look) 2. WrathmaniacsBetterStartingItemsHard (Different starting items so you have a fighting chance in PVP) 3. Lam's Farm mod (Seeds are indestructable so you don't accidentally harvest them. To pick up harvest while they're in growing stage.) 4. ChallengeQuestsPlusAllInOneEdition (Increased exp and duke coin rewards from quests, some give Skill Points) 5. FRK_Stainless (Unlocks ugrade from Steel to Stainless Steel, Steel Polish) 6. GG2015_SniperTurretAnd50CalAmmo (Sniper turret for long range base defense) 7. harvestable zombies (Self explanitory) 8. Healthbars (Can see healthbar/name of whatever Entity your aiming at) 9. JaxTeller718_ZombieReach (reduces zombie reach to a more realistic distance) 10. KHA19 mods (3 slot forge queue, 12 slot craft queue, 60 slot backpack and lockable inventory slots) 11. Move_Speed_Rule1Cardio_A18 (adds movement speed and swim speed increase to Rule # 1 Cardio Skill) 12. Kronons-Immersion-Mod (Lootable containers downgrade to looted versions, no loot respawn unless you reset with quest) 13. Scrap Iron and Steel Bars (Self explanitory) 14. ServerTools (custom chats and commands) 15. solar_generator_mod (Fuel cap for generator increased to 10,000 and solar panels cap at 300W) 16. The Tracker Perk by jayfusion (Level 4-5 unlocks zombie and player tracking) 17. War3zuk Zombie Loot (increased lootbag drop and stay time) 18. Weed Whacker (Usefull tool for harvesting crops/grass) 19. Efficient Duke_Cobblestones_ClaySoil_CrushedSand Stacks by Jayfusion (Unlocks new bundles) 20. Dragons Food and Drink Recipe Mod (New food/drink items and recipes, Requires download to SEE Picture Icons) CUSTOM SERVER SETTINGS 1. Mines have been adjusted to be partially burried and more effective 2. Silencers have been fixed to actually reduce the DISTANCE at which other PLAYERS can hear you shoot. 3. 2 new grenades have been added (Shock and Stun) 4. 3 new Boss creatures have been added the Banshee, Demolisher Boss and Radiated Pig Boss (tier 5 quests, bloodmoon or certain situations) 5. New quests (Tier 3-5 burried treasure, tier 5 Demolisher Boss Fight and tier 5 Radiated Pig Boss Fight) 6. Weapons/Tools will be DESTROYED when they durability reaches 0, repair often! 7. Guns require Weapon Parts of their same type to repair. Armor requires either Sewing Kit,Steel Armor Parts or Military Armor Parts to repair. 8. Hot/Cold effects are more dangerous! Make sure you have proper clothing and try to stay Warm/Cool. RECOMMENDATIONS SKILLS: 1. The Tracker Skill unlocks the ability to track not only zombies but other players which is very helpfull in PVP. (Not moving while standing/crouching will prevent you from being detected by the tracker) 2. From the Shadows skill at level 5 unlocks the ability to have completely silent footsteps while crouching/sneaking. (other players won't hear your footsteps either and you won't be detected by the tracker skill while crouch walking) 3. After you MAX out the corresponding SKILL(For example DEAD EYE) NEW WEAPONS/TOOLS you aquire will have +1 MOD SLOT. 4. CHECK OUT THE OTHER NEW AND CUSTOMIZED SKILLS. QUESTS: 1. Quests are worth more XP and Dukes as well as some reward Skill Points. 2. Trader offers new quest that are more challenging and rewarding. 3. On completion of new challenging quests you can unlock higher tiered versions of vehicles that have more storage space, faster speed, and unique looks. 4. Treasure Maps, Air Drops, Bloodmoon Rewards and Tier 2 - Tier 5 FETCH AND CLEAR ONLY and BOSS quests have a chance to reward New Vehicle BLUEPRINTS and MOD! RULES 1. Do not destroy unoccupied vehicles that are LOCKED. UNLOCKED vehicles are FAIR GAME! (Only 1 Per each Vehicle type per Player is protected) 2. Traders are NOT Safe Zones. Killing is allowed, watch your back. 3. DO NOT CAMP TRADERS! This includes setting traps by trader entrances! 4. This Server is a PVP POI/Prefab base only, NO HIDEY HOLES! (You are only allowed to build a base out of a POI, you can remodel however you want within the bounds of the Original POI) 5. Base Block structures (for example Concrete Blocks/Steel Blocks of any shape) have to be completely above ground with the only exception being within the Foundation of the Original POI. 6. Non Blocks structures (for example Forges/workbenches/boxes) can be placed underground for the purpose of avoiding screamers. (Only underneath your base) 7. Land Claim Blocks settings are at 2x ONLINE and INFINITE OFFLINE. 8. Every player can place 2 active Land Claim Blocks in this server at the same time to use however they want. (Cannot Steal other players bases with LCBs) 9. Only destroy what you NEED to while raiding bases. Don't WIPE bases/or cause too much destruction or you will just get kicked and/or banned. (No collapsing structures)
  13. Sector Slain PVP Arena and Survival Server (Wiped 10/5) Active admins and discord. In game commands including /home (Teleport to set location) /shop (Purchase items from topics housing, books, clothing, medic, ammo, machines, food, and misc) /pack (teleport to last death Currency to use commands from zombie kills (Persistent through wipes). Allowed 4 land claims per person. Arena events, custom random gen map, admin created vending machines, and other specialties. Server Rules: What goes around comes around. We're all here to have fun, so hide your contempt for everyone else while playing here. Don't cheat. This includes all forms of cheating. You will get banned and that's not fun for anyone. No Hordestomping. This is getting a bunch of zombies together and using them to break open another player's Claimed base. We will find out and we will ban you. With lightning and Prejudice. No claiming POI'S. A POI is any pre-built location that generates stuff you can loot. Please keep landclaims approximately 100 blocks from a city. Lock yer doors. We've got unbreakable landclaims. If someone walks into your base and steals your stuff because you left the door open, we're gonna laugh at you. We have server logs to determine if you were dumb, or someone cheated. Please speak respectfully in chat. We'll give you a warning. Do it again, and we're gonna ban ya. It's our call whether or not you were nasty enough for that, and how we feel about it varies on our mood. Don't push it. We are a PVP Server. Dont' cry about getting killed. If your buddy mows you over with a truck, We're gonna laugh. Server IP Port 19112 Version Alpha 19 (b180) Full Day 60 minutes Max Player count 30 Random Gen World Game Mode Survival Difficulty Setting Survivalist XP Multiplier 80% Loot Abundance 110% Loot Respawn Time 7 days Drop on Death Toolbelt Only Drop on Quit Nothing Air Drops Every 3 Days Player Killing: Kill Everyone Claim Size 41 Blocks Claim Deadzone 30 Blocks Claim Duration 7 days Claim Decay Mode Slow Claim Health Online Infinite Claim Health Offline Infinite Party Shared Kill Range 500 M Bedroll duration 14 days Blood Moon Count 12 Enemies Zombie Day Speed walk Zombie Night Speed sprint Zombie Feral Speed Nightmare Zombie Blood Moon Speed Nightmare Max Zombies 120 Max Animals 50 Show Friends On Map On AI Blood Moon Block Damage 100% Cheat Mode off Mark Air Drops On Enemy Spawning On
  14. Hey guys just wanted to post a update of my server and give some info about it and how we work no holds barred is a pvp anarchy server And community and is our first of two servers while the new world order overhaul is in development it’s a no wipe long haul server where you can trade make allies raid build as big as you like and more you start in prison from there you may do as you please just cannot camp at or damage the prison as it’s the sole spawn point, we may add events when the community is large enough to run them cheats and exploits aren’t acceptable whenever the server must be wiped builds will be saved to prefab and placed into the restarted world and sent to the player if you like a copy of your hard earned build our system the server is hosted on my gaming rig running on a 1TB raid 0-1 4x500GB hdds, it has a intel core i9-9900K and 48GB ram soon a backup system shall be installed that’ll back up to an internal hdd plus a over Wi-Fi hdd should the unfortunate happen and the psu goes pop or a catastrophic drive or system failure wipes the internal drives we have a Facebook page where I post videos of the server and discord where info of both servers: no holds barred and the new world order is held fb: (shall update when I can find the link) discord: https://discord.gg/pq5mGCn (These are the correct port and ip) ip: port: 26900 settings of the server: 120 minute days 8 day horde with 7 day swing and 7am warning day walk, night run, feral horde sprint Zed damage is 100% 5 claims per player protection 41 dead zone 20 shared kill 1km air drop 2 days marked loot 200% re-spawn 7 days xp 200% drop on death backpack only difficulty nomad online multiplayer 32X offline multiplayer 100X
  15. smokum93

    New Server

    Hello, i have started a new server, 200% Xp 300% loot. NAV Alpha 19. 16 slots. it is PVP. i am looking to do a DUO thing. so if you and a friend want to team up and PVP vs groups of 2 let me know. it is a locked server. . im looking for 6-8 players. so we have 4-5 teams. add me on discord and message me with ur team name, and i will make a channel in the discord server for ur duo. im thinking of doing events and much much more!!! PS: IT WILL BE LIKE A PURGE STYLE RAIDING BASES ONLY DURING RAID HOURS!!!! PVP IF YOU SEE ONE ANOTHER WHILE OUT LOOTING OR DOING WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING IS FINE. YOU CAN LOOT THE BACKPACK THEY DROP AS WELL. BUT IF A BASE IS RAIDED DURING NON RAID HOURS YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE GAMES!!!! SaltyUnicorn#3540 and i will send info PS: 18+ friendly chirping is fine... just dont be complete @%$#s. some people may be newer to the game. we want to have fun not ban everyone who comes on the server for trolling :)<3
  16. Hi there! Wasn't sure exactly where to post this and couldn't find much on it. But it seems with A19 there is a problem with the auto turrets. They will shoot zombies, but they don't work when targeting yourself or targeting other players. So they are not something that can be used for base defense while in PvP which is a real big downer. It's not just servers either, it also does not work in single player games, private hosted games or any public servers. Specifically, this is the auto turrets. Shotgun/Smg. Thanks!
  17. BadPlayer Gaming Forsaken Beginnings This is an easy server for new players or builders that want to build instead of fight tons of zombies.You can pick from 4 different scenarios to get different loot on day 1 with the custom role picker modlet. Just scrap it if you want to play vanilla. We have a feature filled server with the RAT server manager, custom modlets and a custom 12K NitroGen map. Server Specs Xeon processor 32 GB RAM SSD Server Info Alpha 19E PVE only Survivalist difficulty No drop on death 100% loot & xp 60 min days 18 hour nights Day time zombies walk Ferals jog Nighttime jog Bloodmoons run Mods RAT server manager 60 slot pack Role picker Mining Machine Sawmill Dye lab Compass marker Compass stats Zombie health bar Double vehicle seats Increased stacks Increased container capacity Grass cutter Custom food Custom blocks Custom vending machines Working sinks and stoves in the safehouse Custom reward quest for voting Custom reward quest for gimme What sets us apart? Safehouse with stores and custom vending machines and 2 traders Communal horde base for teaming up with other players and sharing xp 4 land claim blocks Teleports Links Steam Connect Map link BadPlayer Gaming Desolate Union This is a hard server that can be easy if you pick a good role with the custom role picker modlet. Just scrap it if you want to play vanilla or pick from 4 different scenarios to get different loot on day 1. We have a feature filled server with the RAT server manager, custom modlets and a custom 12K NitroGen map. Server Specs Xeon processor 32 GB RAM SSD Server Info Alpha 19E PVE only Survivalist difficulty No drop on death 100% loot & xp 60 min days 18 hour nights Day time zombies walk Ferals jog Nighttime jog Bloodmoons run 12k NitroGen map Mods RAT server manager 60 slot pack Role picker Mining Machine Sawmill Dye lab Compass marker Compass stats Zombie health bar Double vehicle seats Increased stacks Increased container capacity Grass cutter Custom food Custom blocks Custom vending machines Working sinks and stoves in the safehouse Custom reward quest for voting Custom reward quest for gimme What sets us apart? Safehouse with stores and custom vending machines and 2 traders Communal horde base for teaming up with other players and sharing xp 4 land claim blocks Teleports Links Steam Connect Live Map Link BadPlayer Gaming Vanilla Navezgane Server This is a vanilla server with vanilla settings. Server Specs Xeon processor 32 GB RAM SSD Server Info Alpha 19E PVE only Nomad difficulty Drop everything on death 100% loot & xp 60 min days 18 hour nights Day time zombies walk Ferals sprint Nighttime sprint Bloodmoons sprint Navezgane map Mods Compass marker Compass stats Zombie health bar What sets us apart? Active admins 4 land claim blocks Links Steam Connect Live Map Link BadPlayer Gaming Wretched Butchers PVP This is a PVP server with a small map, 1 city and lots of death. Server Specs Xeon processor 32 GB RAM SSD Server Info Alpha 19E PVP Warrior difficulty Drop everything on death 100% loot & xp 60 min days 18 hour nights Day time zombies walk Ferals sprint Nighttime sprint Bloodmoons sprint Navezgane map Mods 60 slot pack Mining Machine Sawmill Dye lab Compass marker Compass stats Zombie health bar Increased stacks Increased container capacity Grass cutter Custom food Custom blocks Custom reward quest for gimme What sets us apart? Active admins 4 land claim blocks Links Steam Connect Live Map Link
  18. A bit about FeverClan FeverClan has been established for over 12 years, we are a Mature Massive Multi-Gaming Clan / community with over 1,400+ members in our ranks and thousands of guests per day visiting our Discord and website. Always our #1 goal is to bring a fun environment to our members and guests whether they decide to join us or not. We have dozens of games that we play and have multiple Squads(pro to semi-pro teams) throughout our ranks, while the majority of our Members are casual gamers we do support and encourage competitive play. On an average day our Discord server has members continuously roaming the channels and looking for new people to socialize and game with, as we are a Fever Family here and connections are a big priority for our Members. Our Officer Staff numbers over a hundred to answer any questions members or guests alike may have, as well as solve any issues or problems that may arise. We hope that you enjoy visiting our website and will eventually join us on our Discord Server Server Info: Server name: Fever Clan 7 Days to Die Server restart time is 6 AM every day. If you encounter any issues please PM me and I can look into it. Currently running v 19 and hold game nights on Thursday but it is available any time during the week. https://www.feverclan.com
  19. NA HARDCORE PVP is a fresh A19 PVP Server opened on 8/2! Dedicated server hosted on i7 CPU, 20GB Ram and SSD. Game Difficulty: Survivalist Max level is 150 @ 2 skill points per level Xp gain set to 175% Custom Map Balance changes 6k Map Claim health online: 5x Claim health offline: 10x Drop all on death
  21. Dear 7 Days to Die I have been a supporter since Alpha and have written down some of my suggestion to make the game even greater. One of your game uniqueness is that it’s a crafting survival game, own it! - Make it rewarding to craft like traps that gives you xp upon zombie kill. - Craft molds to gun parts and thereby make it possible to craft guns again (Repair lowers item-lvl). - Craft vehicles with placeable blocks to modify it (it becomes slower the heavier it is). Make it less like rust like giving it a storyline / a characteristic like fallout where you can choose how your character will be: Angelic, neutral or pure evil?. - It can be NPC POI like an NPC stronghold (Where you can kill, steal, employ etc. from NPC’s) - Or make it possible to craft a portal where you can join together with other players from different servers/singleplayer worlds or go in alone to a new world with dungeon, puzzles, storyline, timetravel (Going back into mediaval zombie world or zombie infected spaceship) where you have to protect, survive or clear zombies or survive in a small area (island?) with limited ressources (like the previous small world). - Make random encounters like convoy or train with NPC’s. (Might be hard) For crafting I recommend adding a hotkey for shaping blocks and add shape in menu together with scrap, place in hotbar, use etc. Add some sort of shader for looks and reduce performance usage from high buildings by adding height rendering so only a few building floors are rendered at a time. (Not sure whether this already exists) Add peaceful worlds (Could be community build worlds like a medieval world) for new players that want to learn how the crafting system/game works, role playing players, players who just wants to build or pure pvp world (You already got the game for it) I have made sure to suggest most things that should be an easy change and whether it’s useful to you or not is entirely up to you. I hope you continue with your awesome work and wish you the best: 7d2d fan.
  22. Hosting a 24/7 War3zuk AIO server with 16 slots. Set on Warrior difficulty, PVP/PVE. Everything else is set to default. Hit me up on discord if you’re interested. https://discord.gg/JYEeru
  23. Zombos World is a new server with a growing community playing vanilla in a tribal sort of setting. We have a blood moon every 3 days to give players a slightly tougher survival experience and to entice players to cooperate in their own respective tribes. A discord is available and a private room can be made for any new coming tribe looking to strategize and cooperate toward survival or PVP with the other tribes. This server is focused around a community of players having a fun time while exploring the many different aspects of playing and is focused on moving forward with its first community goal of building an entirely player operated neutral trading post. We would love to get more players in to have fun with us and we are willing to upgrade the slot amount as well as the CPU once the community is big enough. Server Name is Zombos World and the discord link is in the description, come and survive with us!
  24. We run a a PVP/PVE modded server, so try a server different from the others! become a Jedi, become the wealthiest survivor or be a hunter in the PVP area! Your base is always saved and stores you buy! We just want to have fun, that's the TIPSY way! https://www.tipsycity7days.com/ WHAT MODES WE HAVE: * Over 20 Vehicles! *Lightsabers (RARE) *Laser guns, swords and more *Working TV (3 channels) *Working Radio (10 songs/2hrs) *Come and gamble slot machines (win money or lose it) * Over 10 new zombies * Own a store in TIPSY ALWAYS *Buy land or building and become Mr Monopoly! *Hot Air Balloon * Over 40 new furniture *Kill area for PVP (Enter at your own risk!). — Server Information — Server name: Tipsy City/PVEPVP/200% exp/Wiped 5/20Server ip:
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