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How do you partially paint blocks?


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Hey everyone :)


I've asked this a few times on Discord but never seem to get a response so figured I'd try here - not sure if no one knows, it's impossible and no one has the heart to tell me, or my messages are just missed lol


Anyway, a lot of the generated terrain/POIs seem to contain "partially painted" blocks - blocks which have two different types of paint in different areas. I attached some example pictures. I can "texture pick" correctly from either part of a multi-painted block, and I can also place additional blocks around them so I don't think it's a second "flat" block either.


How can I replicate this? 






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On 8/16/2020 at 11:17 PM, Laz Man said:

In the creative menu type the word "trim"  there are multiple different sets. (E.g. wood/concrete/corrugated/etc.)

Also in creative mode you can middle-mouse-click to copy any block you're looking at. For the curbs, the block is "Concrete Block Trim 1/4 Edge 2-Sided".




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