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AND / OR Doors for electricity


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I don't know if i'm the only one or not, but I think it would be really cool to get and electrical item that can be used as a door for electricity!

Being unable to put more that 1 entry on every electrical item is really frustrating 😢

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I'm hoping for at least something a bit more than the current system, at some point.


Also I don't think 7dtd needs much in the way of logic gates. Other than the Doors/Drawbridge, everything else works fine, imo.


If the Doors/Bridge could take multiple inputs, and those imputs were momentary, then I think we'd be all set.


Example: a new Push Button. With an LED. Red for Open, Green for Closed.


Wire up several to a single Door, hit any one of them, the Door changes from it's current Open or Closed, to the other state. All the Push Buttons connected to that Door update to show Red or Green.


By several, thinking one on both sides of the door for 'local' Enter/Exit, and one or more in control areas, for 'remote' control & status.


Bonus points if the Door only required one 'power' connection. Which could be through one of the Pushbuttons. Other connected Pushbuttons would only need to be wired to the Door to work; they wouldn't each need to connect back to the generator.


In other words the Door would be the Parent and the Pushbuttons would be the Children.

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