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  1. Hey! I don't know if i'm the only one or not, but I think it would be really cool to get and electrical item that can be used as a door for electricity! Being unable to put more that 1 entry on every electrical item is really frustrating 😢
  2. Well as I said "I know A19 is unstable" The thing is, I wanted to know if we werejust unlucky and we can continue on it OR, if we have to restart on A18.4, because maybe this bug can also occur in A18.4
  3. Hey guys! I now A19 is unstable, but we didn't got any problem since we began a server, but today, 2/4 of the player got their level & learned book reset. That's kind of annoying, the zombie counter was right, the inventory and else too. Do you know if this issue often occurs? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys! I just launched a new 7dtd server with some friends in A19, and after a few tests I discovered something... Iron tools are @%$*#! and even steel ones are not this great Oo I explain myself with the example of collecting stone: After some test, it happens that the number of resources collected do not change between stone axe, iron pickaxe and steel pickaxe. So the only difference can be make on the time to gather some stone. With 10 strength, 5 miner 69'er and 5 mother lode : ~130 stone for a complete rock (3*400) : - LVL 5 Stone axe : 20 seconds - LVL 5 Iron pic
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