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alter fog density and color (like the console commands) through xml?

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11 hours ago, danielspoa said:

wanted to change the possible fog conditions so I dont have to manually input commands on the server, but cant find these settings in any xml.


You can check the worldglobal.xml file and see if it is what you are looking for.





<! - day, night ->
<property name = "ambientEquatorScale" value = ". 7, .65" />
<property name = "ambientGroundScale" value = ". 4, .2" />
<property name = "ambientSkyScale" value = ". 9, .5" />

<property name = "ambientMoon" value = ". 6, .4" /> <! - add, scale ->

<property name = "ambientInsideSpeed" value = ". 3" />
<property name = "ambientInsideThreshold" value = ". 2" />
<property name = "ambientInsideEquatorScale" value = ". 4" />
<property name = "ambientInsideGroundScale" value = ". 3" />
<property name = "ambientInsideSkyScale" value = ". 6" />

<property name = "fogPower" value = "1, 1" /> <! - day, night ->
<property name = "fogWater" value = ". 47, .2" /> <! - density, speed ->
<property name = "fogWaterColor" value = ". 38, .42, .38" />

<property name = "test" value = "1" />



Or you can use Doughphunghus mods, which already do that.
I hope that helps you.

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hi! I loved his mods and its exactly what Im using for now. However I tested the commands in game and saw it was possible to have even more fog with commands like "weather fog 0.8", but I cant do it from xml. Even maxing in xml the fog is still far weaker than the one u get from console, and values higher than 1 just make the fog disappear completely.

also no option for fog color, which is also available through commands.

I want so hard to do this, and for now all I can do is manually set it using console :(

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There's this modlet: https://7daystodiemods.com/night-fog/

*the mod doesn't work/load for me* , like, it literally does not work.  Maybe its a19.1 (and I'm not using windows, there's an error about a case sensitivity name of a file in the mod, which might not be an issue on windows)...BUT....


Apparently, it just sets the fog "at night" and the modlet is just 1 line of XML, altering this worldglobal.xml line:

<property name="fogPower" value="1, 1"/>        <!-- day, night -->


<property name="fogPower" value="1, 0.40"/>        <!-- day, night -->


From looking at it, it appears that for this setting, you have to go "less than 1" to get more fog ( yeah, I guess "fog" might really be "visibility?").  Anyway, working from Donovan's night-fog, I set this manually (just edited worldglobal.xml) and its really hard to see far, much like setting the fog via the console:

<property name="fogPower" value="0.4, 0.4"/>        <!-- day, night -->


I tried this, and it was like "barely see a few yards out" foggy

<property name="fogPower" value="0.2, 0.2"/>        <!-- day, night -->


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18 hours ago, danielspoa said:

@doughphunghus holy s.. you are a genius! This one works, exactly the effect I wanted 😎
better than this only if I can make it change from time to time 😁

Thanks!  Most of the credit goes to some guy named Donovan522 who appears to be making mods (recently) for some guy named "JaWoodle" who has a YouTube channel and he's pretty fun to watch.  He's got a series currently running called "Silent Hill" where I'm guessing he adds this fog modlet, and some other things he mentions in the first episode (lots of fog + random screamers, etc). 


"only if I can make it change from time to time "...

yeaaah that would be nice.  I don't think its possible yet BUT ( and I haven't tried this experiment) you can configure "fog" in the biomes (its biome specific fog) and give percent chances to it (meaning, "have 10% of 50% fog").   The fog setting mentioned above is "global weather" fog so its different.  The only thing I can think of is to set this global weather fog mostly where you want it (or lower?) and then configure the biome specific fog to vary a lot (like 50% to have 100% fog).  Maybe this will then wane in and out? ... HOWEVER:

The "global fog" setting appear to be "immediate" and stays set.  The "biome fog" slowly comes in as the global weather updates (its really slow, like when storms roll in. I don't know how often the global weather updates to calculate biome weather), so it may be hard to test.  Additionally, the "global fog" gets really, really dense ( you can use the command line to generate a specific amount of fog to see how dense it can get) whereas the "biome level fog" doesn't get super dense.  So maybe the global weather fog would just overpower biome level settings.  I don't know.  Additionalty, you can also set "visual effects" (like sandstorm, snow) in the biomes as well, which limits visibility (its also a constant level of visibility like global fog).  I don't know if having all 3 tuned really well would give you what you are looking for.  I have some "weather" modlets that set the biome effects to a highest level you could try out ( that also make the weather harsher, if you want that).  Additionally ;)  You can also alter the "darkness level" of the game ( I have some modlets for this as well) which limits visibility on top of everything else.


I have yet to find a really good balance between all these settings to make me happy, I usually load them all in and just play a mostly nighttime, all the time game as I like to wander around in the dark and just come across stuff.


Anyway, here's a post where I have some docs of all my weather/darkness modlets, and there's a link to my modlet page in it if you want to try any of them out



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