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Hack for disappearing tree stumps


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While we were discussing infection from vultures in the Vultures Are Silly thread, we got into finding honey and how stumps seem be visible only at closer distances, at least with potato and semi-potato GPUs. I played around a bit and discovered:


  • Stumps, as a block, are weird. Related to cactus and trees, but also have some Entity-type properties? I dunno I'm not an expert; it was just weird.
  • Stump visibility is controlled by the Object Quality setting; I had mine at "low" which gives 21 blocks of stump visibility. Increasing it to "medium" gives 29 blocks.
    • For some reason cacti are visible from much farther, switching to a low-res texture (instead of disappearing) at the same distances as above
  • Stumps can be replaced with the wood log block, though the textures behave a bit strangely. Visibility is vastly improved and IMO the texture weirdness is worth it.
  • Honey still comes from the wood log-looking stumps
  • I think stumps are bugged - they should behave like the cacti and become a low-fidelity brown blob or something from longer distances


Here's what it looks like as a wood log from very far away. There is no way a stump would be visible from this distance even at "high" settings. The "Ultra" setting does give about this distance for stumps.




And here you see the weirdness in the texture. Sometimes the top of the log will float a bit above the sides, too. It doesn't affect the chopping up of the log though.




Modlet is attached. This is too crude I think to put in the mods forum. It's just a hack until they fix the stumps.



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