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AIDirector: ERROR horde spawn off edge of valid space, aborting spawn.


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Hello everyone!


I know about the bug reporting, however, I use mods so I don't think the devs will care about my problems.


I am wondering though if anyone else is experiencing my issue. My players have been reporting zombies standing still during bloodmoons and not actually doing anything.


I am using a Custom Nitro map, I am also using a few mods but nothing crazy. This all started after updating to the new Experimental Alpha 19 update that came out a few days ago. I have attached the dedicated server logs for your reference, but the errors I am seeing are as follows:


2020-07-27T05:21:58 256.968 INF AIDirector: ERROR horde spawn off edge of valid space, aborting spawn.
2020-07-27T05:21:58 256.968 INF AIDirector: Scout spawning failed


Dedicated server specs:


OS: Windows 10  (10.0.0) 64bit
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor  (cores: 32)
RAM: 32698 MB


I also get several random EAC errors that I believe everyone gets because I have been getting them since Alpha 19 came out.


Any help is very much appreciated. I know I am using MODS, but lets face it the game needs mods! :)




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This is the pathing error you have. "Very high penalty applied. Are you sure negative values haven't underflowed?" etc.

It looks like you are running some mods from A18, as well as running some directly edited .xmls.


So, look at your mods and .xml edits for your problems. No one here can help you with that.

It doesn't appear to be a hardware issue or game bug.

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