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Features I want see on the game


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1: A tool that allow you destroy any block inside your claimed area with just one hit, can only be used by the claim owner inside claimed area.
2: Food nutrition info without need craft.
3: Manage inventory buttons.
4: More lights and lamps.
5: More decorative blocks.
6: A junction box that allow you connect cable through walls.
7: Longer distance to drag electrical cables.
8: Improved quest rewards.
9: More food recipes, and foods with buffs.

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I like idea nr 1. It makes sense. I feel so cheaty when I use the dev tool. So I actually stand there like and idiot with my pickaxe hacking away at blocks just to make my base pretty.


Can you elaborate on number 2 and 3?


On the topic of manage inventory buttons. I have an idea that I don't think is hard to implement. A lock function. You double click on an item in your inventory and then it is locked in place. So that when you press sort inventory button it doesn't move the locked items.

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1 when uv placed the block wrong 5 times, uv learned it XD

3 yeah

4 lol...first speak to amd and nvidia that we need graficcards with 20gb ram

   iv had 120 flames around my house (fps desaster) ...my grafixcards heated my room really good :D

5 yeah...but wich colour or block u want? have u a picture ?

9 for more food recipes we need other > plants > CORN, apples, pears and so on..that woud be nice


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