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  1. okay. do you have a suggestion for how I can make the two settings become the same? Because I doubt that I will be able to eyeball it. Precision is quite important in these matters.
  2. Hello. Sorry it took a while to reply. I don't think I understand what you mean. Are you suggesting that I change the dpi settings in the software so that when I play 7 days to die it will match the speed that I usually have? Having the same dpi settings is the same as having the same movement. I don't know what dpi stands for, but it is the same as mouse sensitivity or mouse movement speed.
  3. yo yo yo. I can help you with this. I have completed many of the tier 5 quests. And the most important tip I can give you is to follow the "path". The quests are created in such a way that you can follow a path that will take you through the whole quest. Sometimes the path is very hard to find, and the added stress from zombies can make it harder(swear to god I have ptsd from one quest). But there is always a path, even when it is hard to find or see. Also when I have gotten to the end of a quest and overlooked one place with zombies I get a waypoint showing me where they are. So in shor
  4. This is a great idea. But I think I have a better solution. There should be an "unarmed mode". This would be a function where you just don't have any weapons drawn and none of the tool belts slots are toggled.
  5. Cool. If you would be able to figure that out it would be great. Also, I agree with you. 1.0 should be current sensitivity with no change. There could also have been a "raw input" option. From what I understand you are suggesting that I create two different dpi settings on the logitech software. But I don't understand why when the whole point of this is that I am trying to have the same dpi settings across both games.
  6. but they are supposed to the same. I want the mouse movement to be the same in 7 days as it is in counter strike.
  7. I have disabled all the other dpi levels. I have also checked the box for use native input module
  8. It would be cool if you could hit stuff with the butt of your weapon. This would be nice for breaking pictures without switching to a tool when walking around in building. the function for this could be a rapid double click of the right mouse button.
  9. I like idea nr 1. It makes sense. I feel so cheaty when I use the dev tool. So I actually stand there like and idiot with my pickaxe hacking away at blocks just to make my base pretty. Can you elaborate on number 2 and 3? On the topic of manage inventory buttons. I have an idea that I don't think is hard to implement. A lock function. You double click on an item in your inventory and then it is locked in place. So that when you press sort inventory button it doesn't move the locked items.
  10. This idea is great! Hope someone will consider it
  11. Thanks for replies. The mouse I am using is g400s. my dpi is 1000. To Meganoth. What I am trying to say is that the cross-hair moves at different speeds in the two games. I know that I can adjust the speed/sensitivity. but it has more to do with muscle memory than something I have conscious control over. And that is the issue. The mouse movement in 7 days is confusing my muscle memory.
  12. Hello! I am Hobo and I am enjoying this game. I have tried to get this thing right, but I have not been able to. A few google searches, a little adjustment but, I can't get the mouse sensitivity to be just right. I have 1k hours in counter-strike and would like what I have learned in counter-strike to transfer to 7d2d. When I play the two games there is a huge difference in how the cross-hair moves. I would like my mouse sensitivity to be the same when I play both games. I have tried checking the box "use native input" in the game launcher. It did not work. When I play counter-strike
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