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Alpha 19(b173) poor performance


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I have been having major performance issues after update b169 and after b173 the game became almost unplayable for me.

The game seems to stutter a lot and freezes when I try open my inventory or a loot container.

The settings for the draw distance and resolution change back to high every time my game freezes.

My current settings right now:

Everything is set to the lowest and the resolution 800x600

and after the game freeze the resolution changes back to 1366x768.

From the looks of the registry settings the draw distance got changed to higher values in game but in the in game setting it says it still low.

My pc specs (I know my specs are below the minimum specs but still the game was playable until update b169):

Processor: Intel Core i3-5005u

Gpu: Intel HD 5500

Ram: 4gb

Os: Windows 10 64 bit.

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I'd guess it's a memory issue (not enough). Win 10 can get flaky all by itself with only 4 GB.

And your GPU borrows from the 4 GB of system ram to operate. I'm surprised you can get 

the game to run. I've seen the game run on really inadequate hardware, but only if it has enough memory.

So, get more memory.


You could check your swapfile settings to make sure it is managed by windows.

As for your settings being reset; that could happen from a crash or from your anti-virus interfering.

Exclude the game folder from your anti-virus software.


Again, get more memory, 16 GB if you can. (and even with that, you'll still be playing on lowest settings)


With your equipment, the game is gonna struggle. A subtle difference from one build to another could

easily be the breaking point. Your ram, gpu, and cpu are all below the minimum spec. so I wouldn't get

your hopes up.

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Their laptop is under spec, but A19 experimental  performance is worse than A18 stable. I suspect some of it is that they need to finish optimizing, because the same things I used to help my performance in A18 experimental work in A19 experimental (gfx af 0, gfx pp enable 0).

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