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  1. I never said that vultures were only a problem for bikes, and by early game I mean the first seven days, just to be clear. The megavulture clump attacked me on day 4 if I remember correctly, I was on top of the Pop n' Pills I was using as a base. Vultures are very annoying when I am on a bike, but they were a problem before I had a bike. Your other statement, that "You find it fun to go into tougher biomes before you are ready and then cheat in remedies for yourself. <shrug> To each their own." Is also a false assumption on your part. It's not fun, but it is more fun than getting infe
  2. So a new player who spawns in the desert should immediately stealth up and crawl to the nearest forest biome. Sounds like a blast. 😛 Also, thanks for pointing out my typo: WIA should be WAI, working as intended, In the same spirit let me help you by pointing out that "survival ar minimal" should be "survival arE minimal".
  3. I love the new zombie models, they are a lot less silly. I hope they do the same thing for the nurse soon! I also love the reduction of the food poisoning mechanic, it didn't really add anything to the game and made cooking more or less useless.
  4. Vultures are not the problem, it is their implementation. What about all the other issues I mentioned? Pretending vultures are WIA despite the numerous issues cited by myself and others is disingenuous at best. Also, what if you don't spawn in a forest biome? I spawned in the desert surrounded by burnt forest and wasteland. Sure, I could have gone to look for a forest biome, but that would have meant passing through the very biomes you said to avoid. Of course I could have stayed in the desert biome and starved to death, I guess. Not my idea of a fun game loop, but if that is the "right" wa
  5. Actually, I have found 2 honey this playthrough, and I am on day 25, but that really is beside the point, except to show that the infection mechanic, more than any other, puts you entirely at the mercy of the RNG, and that for me is not fun. I suspect that i am not alone, but I don't claim to speak for anyone but myself. Also, "situational awareness" or its lack has nothing to do with the problem (but speaking of situational awareness, is it possible to look around while on a bike? Can you hear the vulture approach? Can you smell them?). The problem is how they are set up: with ver
  6. They attack ridiculously fast, fly like a UFO, and they can share space with other vultures. Vultures now guarantee infection and make riding bicycles a frustrating slog. At one point I was attacked by an 8 winged, 8 clawed megavulture clump ( I really think TFP needs to either implement proper collision for their mobs or balance everything around them being able to exist in the same physical space). In the early game when antibiotics are very difficult to come by, vultures basically create a frustrating loop of infection deaths that sucks all the fun out of the game. This is befor
  7. Their laptop is under spec, but A19 experimental performance is worse than A18 stable. I suspect some of it is that they need to finish optimizing, because the same things I used to help my performance in A18 experimental work in A19 experimental (gfx af 0, gfx pp enable 0).
  8. You can turn off anisotropic filtering in the console with gfx af 0, helped me a lot with my AMD CPU and GPU. I no longer have to turn off distant terrain. You can also fix the weird shininess/everything is too bright bug by going into settings while in game and going to options. Next turn reflections to low, hit apply, then turn them off and hit apply again.
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