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  1. Knuckles. Punching zombies in their faces and knocking their teeth out is the proper redneck style.
  2. I like the idea of an uppercut power attack, especially if it launches the zed up into the air like a cartoon.
  3. Despite some of the issues I have with A18, I have to say that brawling is one of my favorite skills. Punching zombies to death is a lot of fun, especially when you add the flaming mod to your brass knuckles.
  4. Thanks, I thought of that, but the thing is I need to change a food item as its created. I suspect I will have to do something similar to the crafting perks where the item quality is affected by the number of items used.
  5. I would like to change Master Chef so that each level of the perk reduces the food poisoning chance of food you cook by one, but I am having trouble deciphering the config files. Does anyone know how I might go about doing this? Thanks, Matt
  6. You can turn off anisotropic filtering in the console with gfx af 0, helped me a lot with my AMD CPU and GPU. I no longer have to turn off distant terrain. You can also fix the weird shininess/everything is too bright bug by going into settings while in game and going to options. Next turn reflections to low, hit apply, then turn them off and hit apply again.
  7. Those of you who haven't gotten sick multiple times have been extremely lucky. I have gotten food poisoning at least five or six times. I am on day 15, and I have had the first tier of the iron guts perk for most of that time. The problem is that you have to eat so much more food than you do in real life, so even a small percentage chance will multiply quickly. You have to eat 5 grilled meat to get 100 stamina from 50, and each one gives a 4% chance of food poisoning. I'm not great at math, but I know that means your chances of getting sick are much higher than 4%. What they should have done is made it so that each tier of master chef reduces the food poisoning chance of the food you make, so that someone who spends the points can make food with a zero chance of poisoning. Also, the perk should increase the stamina amount of food by a little bit too. I'm going to do this in my game by editing the data files, now that I think of it.
  8. I like the rage. Before I could easily wreck a whole horde of daytime zombies by backpedaling. Now I have to be a lot more careful, and even when I win I get hit a few times. It's not perfect, but I think it's a step in the right direction.
  9. Allowing people to craft bow parts (or any parts) does not unbalance a game. If the designers do a good job, you don't need kludgy mechanics like magic bow parts that fall from heaven to keep the dirty players from wrecking your "vision". On reflection, I wish I hadn't posted anything about this, because modding makes the whole thing pointless. One of the greatest things about 7DtD is that it lets you mod out almost anything you don't like or agree with. It's kind of like Fallout 4 in that the base game is kind of a train wreck, but mods turn it into a gem. If you like the magic random bow parts, more power to you. If you're like me and you think you should be able to craft things in a game where crafting is one of its biggest draws, then mod the game.
  10. My argument is with the Archery perk, so the primitive bow (which is useless, you're better off with a spear) doesn't apply to this discussion. The first USEFUL wooden bow (which requires the perk) uses un-craftable bow parts.
  11. There are many good things in A18 so far, but making wooden bow parts un-craftable is silly. Not explicitly stating in the description that the perk is useless if you have no bow parts is silly AND disingenuous. People have been making bows for about 3,000 years, so it's definitely not advanced spaceman technology. I get that you want people to explore and loot and such, but this kind of hamfisted silliness ain't the way to get it done. I haven't poked through the new data files yet, but hopefully I can mod this out and we can all pretend it never happened.
  12. I tried this but it didn't help much, I ended up having to turn off distant terrain anyway. I am pretty sure the problem has more to do with LoD/Distant terrain rather than view distance. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  13. ubai

    FPS Drop

    I was getting 70+ fps in A17 on this laptop, but performance in A18 is terrible. Even with everything turned off, quarter textures, and distant terrain off, the game is barely playable. The weird thing is that changing many of the settings, including texture size, doesn't help or hurt much. I have a Ryzen laptop with a Radeon GPU, perhaps the game is poorly optimized for AMD users? Someone else suggested the issue is that LoD is broken, which may explain why changing most settings doesn't affect performance.
  14. ubai

    Qyzer's Xpath Mods

    I like this idea! If you can make stone arrowheads you can make a knife, and it makes more sense than a bone shiv, which would be more stabby.
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