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The dumbest move ever


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I re-inforced a wood shed across from the traider since day 3.  By the 4th horde (which came on day 30 due to setting it to be random-ish) I had the entire wood shed upgraded to re-inforced concrete, except for a few spots I don't care about.  I built a ceiling into the shed using bars, double-layered.  These are re-inforced.  I broke out some windows, added in bars and placed some hatches to be able to close them to cop spit.

I knocked out the roof and added a double layer of bars in above me.  Access is by jumping up onto a little ledge, and then droping into the space above the ceiling through a hatch.  There's a half-ladder down into the bottom half.


In the bottom the main door is open - an invitation to the zeds.  When they enter they run in through a passage with bars on both sides to funnel them along a path covered by dart traps.


Two shotgun turrets supplies additional death to the restless.


Then there is "Punchy the wakeful sledge" standing next to the main entrance, and a "bumper" of steel at chest height built around the outside of the entire building.


The horde comes and I can't get a shot in.  Punchy is just super reactive and the shotgun turrets deal with everything else in short order.  I get bored so I jump up via the entry hatch, and pepper them from above with hot lead.


I get bored of this, there isn't even a vulture to irritate me.  So I jump back down and go into the bottom area...  It is probably around 2am... I try to find a better vantage position.


And die.


Because ... I had decided to go stand in front of my dart traps.


Correction:  On checking the recording of the horde my death was just after 3am

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2 hours ago, Reckis said:

That was a great story, but this part actually made me laugh so hard my wife wanted know what was going on.

I am glad you like!

I decided to share my moment of sheer ungenius.


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