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Goat Wranglers Dedicated Server

Ill Fred GMan

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Hello survivors!


I am currently hosting a 7D2D dedicated server 24/7 that anyone is welcome to join. Please note that this server is a safe space (hate, trolling, etc. will result in permaban) but swearing, etc. is typical and 100% accepted. If you have any questions about my admin policies or anything else, please ask below. The server is PvE but killing strangers is enabled so that players may PvP if both parties consent. Just ask if it's ok to engage in PvP and if you get a "yes", go for it. Otherwise players have been playing in the same party. You are welcome to join and play in our party or set off on your own PvE adventure in any case.


Name: Goat Wranglers Casual PvE

Game Version: Alpha 19 stable


Port: 26900

PW: None

EAC: Enabled

Mods: None but "modded" due to non-default serverconfig.xml settings.

Modded Settings (serverconfig): Marked Airdrops Every 3 Days, Shared Kills 10km, Kill Strangers Only


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