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  1. Update: Goat Wrangler Dedicated Server is still running 24/7, but we're trying the game with settings closer to defaults. My Discord username is Moshanyana#2608 add me if you're having trouble getting into the server.
  2. @Beelzybub Thanks for clarifying. And no worries, this game has a lot of quirky bugs / features, especially in an experimental build. Now I'm going to figure out how to report this as a bug so TFP will be made aware.
  3. This is what I've found during my tests (Alpha 19_b173). Anyone saying that the crafting station simply stops crafting when it's 6-slot output inventory is full is mistaken. Anyone saying that it's impossible to introduce code to stop the crafting station automatically when full is mostly mistaken; the code already exists, but it only triggers when all possible inventory slots are full including the player's backpack. If the crafting station is crafting items while your personal backpack inventory is 100% full and the crafting station's 6-slot output inventory is 100% full, opening the craftin
  4. I think the issue with people avoiding late game days will get better as people realize that the game isn't quite as punishing for late joiners as it used to be since TFP introduced the game-stage rules and trader quests (especially since quests reset POIs to the way they were on spawned day 1). Additionally, a server description describing the server's alternative use of "sgs bloodmoonday" could help a bit. I still want a way to schedule bloodmoons to occur on a schedule IRL rather than in-game. This would also require a different way of warning that a bloodmoon is about to occur, such as a s
  5. Oh cool, I didn't know the sgs command was a thing.
  6. I like this idea, it's kinda like what was mentioned before about letting an admin just enter a command that triggers the bloodmoon to occur "tonight" (in-game). But what you're suggesting, if I read you correctly, is the ability to set it so that the dedicated server enters bloodmoon rule-state at a specific date and time in real life. For example, every day at 1:30pm and 8:00pm. That way players aren't surprised by a bloodmoon when they log on, instead they can plan to start playing at 12:00pm in order to have plenty of time to prepare or alternatively at 9:00pm to never have to play during
  7. Ok, so it sounds like there's no clear answer. I'll take it upon myself to test each of the stations one of these days. If other people would also test (and/or if devs could answer) that would also help; the more info the better. The last thing I want is to craft ammo into oblivion while out gathering. 😶
  8. I like this idea, simple yet elegant. It could even be a vote command like "/bloodmoon" in chat so no admins would need to be around. After one person chats the command, everyone gets a pop up box asking if they want to trigger the bloodmoon to start tonight (22:00) or not. Presumably, people would enter the command sometime in the morning so everyone has a chance to prepare. A concern with this is that in PvP the politics could get hairy, especially if only an admin command. But in PvE this would be perfect. Hmmmmm, thought just occurred to me that bloodmoons could be instantly triggered by a
  9. I'd like to loop back to the topic of this thread, which is brainstorming potential changes to the game's rules so that communities blossom and thrive rather than wilt as the day count increases. TFP has made some great progress on this specifically, such as changing difficulty progression so that it scales with individual player game-stage rather than day count. What else could be improved? An idea I've been brainstorming is the addition of special "bounty hunter" enemies (non-zombie humans) that are very difficult to fight and target only players with a minimum game-stage. Anyone
  10. Does anyone know what happens to things that are crafted in blocks like the campfire or forge when the inventory of those blocks is full? I'm pretty sure the crafted items disappear upon finishing the crafting process. If so, it would be neat if TFP would make it so the crafting block (campfire, etc.) turns off instead of blatantly wasting resources. I know this is less realistic, but obviously this game's design isn't realism-purist mode.
  11. Update: I'm hosting a dedicated server which you can join, check out the details here. On this server, we've kept the bloodmoons at default settings but doubled day-length to 120 minutes and kept nights the same IRL duration by increasing daylight hours to 21 so that nights (including bloodmoons) go from 22:00 to 1:00. This allows players to get on and casually play the game while others are offline without running up the clock to the next 7th night quite as quickly. Incidentally, my community also appreciates the longer windows of time to go adventuring without having to scuttle back to base
  12. I'm going to use this thread to communicate my suggestions for updates to the game 7D2D. If anyone has or wants to mod these changes, please respond as well. 1. Airstrip POIs: The gyrocopters are one of the most tilting things in gaming (pun intended). I did some research and found out this is immersively realistic, but if you're going to make them realistic, there are airstrips in reality as well. An airstrip POI (full of military Zs obviously) would be neat and useful for using them. Just imagine building a base next to one. Could even make the POI a trader spot to add variety to
  13. Hello survivors! I am currently hosting a 7D2D dedicated server 24/7 that anyone is welcome to join. Please note that this server is a safe space (hate, trolling, etc. will result in permaban) but swearing, etc. is typical and 100% accepted. If you have any questions about my admin policies or anything else, please ask below. The server is PvE but killing strangers is enabled so that players may PvP if both parties consent. Just ask if it's ok to engage in PvP and if you get a "yes", go for it. Otherwise players have been playing in the same party. You are welcome to join and play
  14. I agree. I'm actually discussing something on this thread that could be just what you're asking for: boss-dungeon POIs. To be clear, I'm not saying just higher difficulty POIs, but ones that are crazy high difficulty with a boss encounter. The kind of POI you get your whole play-group online and streaming to Twitch for. Scary / funny traps, puzzles, and enemies throughout. Like a haunted house you can enter whenever you want to, but you probably won't make it out alive unless you're creative and have some buddies with big guns. The game GTFO is the best example I can think of for this.
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