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Extra Vehicles Seating!

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16 hours ago, P3rf3ctVZer0 said:

Can you do the same for the minibike and bicycles? Janky looks are fine I just want the function.

Hahahaha, I have also been requested to do one for the Gyro copter. If "Janky" looks are fine and the "vanilla feel" is ok to be messed with, I'll make one. It will take a little time, but I'll do it and keep you posted! lol.


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1 hour ago, P3rf3ctVZer0 said:

I really appreciate that :D I tried my hand at it and failed miserably.

now a days I don't even bother with xpath I just edit configs directly. Even then I couldn't get extra seating to work.

OK! "takes time?" Apparently not too much!


Janky Seating Lol! <--this adds a 2nd seat to Gyrocopter, Motorbike, and Bicycle. I CAN NOT TEST IT at this time, so let me know if it works "well enough". Lol!


Oh yhea, I also started with messing with the config files directly. THEN I learned how to transfer it over to xpath. It's a logical learning step. 

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