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  1. Hey can you make it so always open trader still kicks players during bloodmoon?
  2. Huh seems a bit complicated but nothing I couldn't do without a bit of testing. Thanks for the explanation
  3. I want the ability to change or modify music files I feel like a good looped cathedral tune from "Castlavania symphony of the night" might work well or when being attacked on bloodmoon the "Rainbow Cemetary music by Artifical Fear might play well for bloodmoon" Anyways would like to learn please.
  4. THE CHANGELOG WONT LOAD. What do you mean by deception? I am happy to record a loading window but it wont show anything different except a loading circle.
  5. <perk name="perkAnimalTracker" max_level="3" parent="skillPerceptionGeneral" name_key="perkAnimalTrackerName" desc_key="perkAnimalTrackerDesc" icon="ui_game_symbol_animal_tracker"> <level_requirements level="1"><requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="attPerception" operation="GTE" value="1" desc_key="reqPerceptionLevel01"/></level_requirements> <level_requirements level="2"><requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="attPerception" operation="GTE" value="4" desc_key="reqPerceptionLevel04"/></level_requirements
  6. Huh that sucks I suppose it is better than quest being completely broken on relog. Looking at you "a19 b177"
  7. I am curious can you make a video showing what your talking about? I am not sure I understand.
  8. Evidence this update is awesome! For the first time in history I can do anything above low - med and the game be playable - PRAISE BE to a19 b180 only 6Gb like holy @%$*#! amazing! @madmole seriously this is what I am talking about thanks for all the pimps efforts
  9. Does this work with Nitrogen?
  10. Always open traders is great but you should make the kick you out during horde night.
  11. @madmole Are invisible arrows already fixed for next release? If so I may just wait to play or play my static a19 b177. Side note "How the hell did invisible arrows make it through pre-testing?"
  12. Many a time I spend reorganizing things during construction and I think it would help the flow of construction and inventory management if we have a way to pull all but 1 from a stack of items. That way the singular item acts as a placeholder and it gives right click a better a feel. Also, it's not hard to hold shift and right click. The sooner this feature exists the sooner I can waste way less time. Thanks devs!
  13. Well maybe I will make modlets yet. I will test the jank though 😛 ty btw
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