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  1. Updated to alpha 19 stable - Map wiped now 8k instead of 6k and also tonnes of custom prefabs
  2. Updated to Alpha B180 - New lootable super weapons have been added.
  3. Difficulty taken down from Insane (5) to Survivalist (4) due to zombies being slightly too challenging for some players.
  4. Welcome to Deadlands Modded PvE We have recently just started up our dedicated server within the last month and already have a 20+ strong community who are friendly and helpful also with active staff. Server Settings Map Size - 8k Difficulty - Survivalist (4) Zombie Day Speed - Walk Zombie Night Speed - Run Zombie Feral Speed - Sprint Zombie Blood Moon Speed - Sprint Party Shared Kill Range - 500M Player Killing - No Killing Max Zombies - 40 Max Animals - 30 Daylight Length - 18 Hours (04:00 - 22:00) 24
  5. So I've started a new dedicated server and some of the guys have made some really nice builds that we want to extract and be able to use in the next map if possible. I'm sure this was possible before the removal of the K menu but is there any way to do this now?
  6. I'm not sure if there is already a modlet for instantly respawning ores, I've seen it on a couple of servers where they have a resource ores that can be constantly mined and respawn instantly, but with a lower resource output. Does anybody know if a modlet for this already exists? If not can anyone point me in the direction I need to look to attempt to make a modlet for this.
  7. I added a couple of weapon mods today which work absolutely fine, no issues with the mods at all. When I added recipes to make them, as soon as you open the inventory search it spams the console with red errors for "object not set to an instance of an object" so I do believe the source of the issue to be in the recipes mod or perhaps another one that is meant to tie in with it. I'm fairly new to modding so there is probably something I have missed. Below is the actual recipe; And then below is the error that spams the console;
  8. Great mod - Doesn't look like they're social distancing tho! 😄
  9. Thank you sir! I was using the dynamic spawner lol.
  10. Wondering if anyone can help me out with this, I've recently started up a server and made a lobby / spawn location with 6 traders however.. After spawning them in as soon as I enter a different region and nobody is there they are disappearing or de-spawning and I keep having to spawn them back in, it's becoming a bit of a pain. I haven't got many mods on the server yet and certainly not ones that would impact traders. Is this an a19 bug or is there something I'm missing to keep them in place?
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