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Localization push to clients?!

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Hey together.

Im hosting a Server wich i want to modify slightly.

I do not want the Players having to use Modlaunchers, i want them to be able to play right away.


Now with A19 i discovered in their patchnotes: "(In game) Localization from mods now pushes to clients"


I thought: awesome!

i was having success in A17 and A18 creating custom items and quests this way. Problem was the texts/Names were blank as loc. wasnt pushed to clients.


Now i thought my time had come.

For starters i used the Duke-note one spawns with as a template, made a copy, made copy entries in localization with an altered test message (Names were same of course) and restarted the Server, and voila: Nothing.


The Localization did in fact not push to clients (aka me for the test)


Did i do something wrong/misunderstood something?



PS: complete Modding-newbi :)

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You probably edited Localization.txt in Data/Config. As I understand the patchnote it means a Localization.txt in your mod directory will be passed to clients. This is just a guess, I didn't use it myself. If I'm wrong someone will correct me I hope.


You could also just look into any A19 mod that adds an arbitrary item and see how it is done there.


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