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  1. Mr. Mole, i understand the Problem. Alltough it would be artificial, why not have a limit of high Poly Blocks/Decorations all together count to in a chunk? If thats reached the game doesnt let you set any more of them. and gives a small error message when attempting to place. Or something similiar, i think you get my intention I hope im not alone drooling every time i see such a block and would love to customize my base even more
  2. MP is something that need a lot of love too. Especially vending machines have potential for player to player trade, but the UI is simply terrible
  3. By the time one is fully specced into mining, he has normally an Auger wich makes this obsolete^^.
  4. regarding T5 Quests and especially the Shotgun Messia Factory: Take a Wrench with you, or ratchet. The amount of Parts you can get out of there when you wrench Chairs, AC´s, Doors etc is stunning. While the Apartment Complex is superior in terms of loot, you can easily make 20k Duke Tokens out of the Messiah in terms of spare Parts. Given, you are right with the Ammo, it is really costly. But with the right skills and proper reflexes you can manage to bring it into the 3 digit area.
  5. Please dont go Karen, my friend. If you think General Discussions needs content and People writing there, it would be a good idea to go there and contribute to keeping it alive. I see a lot of ever-lasting Discussions on here, who are in turn in 83% based on a Fact the Devs brought up. On a Sidenote: You do realize that you do the very thing you critized in the first place right now?
  6. Madmole completed the design but it didnt fit in A19 anymore. Whetever or not its comming for A20 is unknown
  7. Meh, i like the way it is. Sure, there are a lot of offtopic posts and discussions that lead to nothing, but a lot of great questions come up this way Roland, Fataal, Gazz and Mr. Mole take the time to answer. And Roland does indeed clean out the Forum from time to time if things get too messy.
  8. Fun trumps realism. Its about creating a rewarding progression curve.
  9. ok that makes sense, there will probably be the error. Guess i have to decide if i try to use proper mods or stick with xml edits, inserts. Thanks.
  10. Hey together. Im hosting a Server wich i want to modify slightly. I do not want the Players having to use Modlaunchers, i want them to be able to play right away. Now with A19 i discovered in their patchnotes: "(In game) Localization from mods now pushes to clients" I thought: awesome! i was having success in A17 and A18 creating custom items and quests this way. Problem was the texts/Names were blank as loc. wasnt pushed to clients. Now i thought my time had come. For starters i used the Duke-note one spawns with as a template, made a copy, made copy entries in localization with an altered test message (Names were same of course) and restarted the Server, and voila: Nothing. The Localization did in fact not push to clients (aka me for the test) Did i do something wrong/misunderstood something? PS: complete Modding-newbi
  11. Well takes a man to admit when he was wrong. Cheers mate
  12. Dude, are you not getting enough attention in your reallife? If one is the snowflake its you. Eat a Snickers and relax
  13. Mr. Mole i guess "might" is a dangerous word, but damn it would be awesome. Proper water would open up lots of new gameplay like underwarter bases and prefabs.
  14. ah true. I mean they are not meant for normal gameplay anyway. (well whats normal in this game anyway hehe) I do like some of these Items when working on our community Buildings on the Server or to make some adjustments on the landscape to "help" find the perfect spot.
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