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  1. A20 is really comming along nicely, alltough i wish for more dev-streams and info-bits. But thats just impatient me. With the Airport: A small one would do, as Fataal stated. It could be the size of the current ingame Football Field. T4 or T5 place, not a skyscraper for a change and would provide variety
  2. Would really like this. Jams, missfire, exploding ammo in the chamber hurting the player, depending on the durablity. That was a feature on Far Cry 2 that many hated, but i loved.
  3. Made you would not be ignored if you post in the right forum. Also your aggressive way does not open you doors.
  4. Please write in the Console Forum, you are on the PC Forum. But to answer: Developer got the rights to the Console Part back not long ago after Telltale screwed up. But they stated before any work will go into Consoles, Game will go Gold first. If my brain serves correctly, PS4/Xbox One Versions are being abondened and instead they will port to PS5 and Series X
  5. Mate, its litteraly on the front page. Read Page one before you take a swing here at the forum. No idea wich problem you have with the swimming argument or the Multiple POIs thing ( entirely possible?)
  6. you kind of missed some discussions about it. Armor... Well is not my taste so far too, especially the part that everything gets deleted and those premade outfits remain. i do hope dye and Transmog will become available in later alphas. The mechanic itself is easy explained: Role play and decicion making. you are forced to think twice what you do, how you do it. Zombies: you got wrong informations. Yes old ones get overhauled ( some direly needed) but they also told us they will bring a LOT of new ones with special abilities.
  7. Dark mate... i like it Please see the Console Forum for that, you are in the PC Section. But to be frank: The Fun Pimps had to bought back the rights to their console version because Telltale went belly up ugly. Since they now have to port it themselves, they decided to spend the ressources first in getting the PC Version to gold and after that bring the Console Version. Anybody feel free to correct me
  8. Got another Question for you guys Do you consider adding Notes/Paper Clues to Prefabs? The Flashlight Blocks in Prefabs were a huge step forwards in telling a narrative, followed by making many Prefabs Dungeon-Like with a Pathway. I think Notes with Text, like Skyrim (and Fallout with the Computer Entrys)did it and many other Games would greatly benefit the atmosphere and Immersion. Tiny Storys could be told that way, or clues of hidden treasures inside a Prefab given.
  9. To add to this, this is will be the first iteration. While im still intersted if dying and transmog will be a thing of these outfits, in later alphas we might see more outfits or variants. Just like the Bookset that started in A18 and got expanded in A19. People need to realize that A20 is in (early) work and things might change or get added.
  10. Well it certainly destroyes the Sandbox aspect of the game even more, i have to agree. yet, im still excited for it, that the game moves more in the direction of an RPG and still gives the Player Freedom to CHOOSE to wear this or that outfit. With the Slot i agree too, thats why i asked above about Tinting/Transmogrify
  11. Question: Did/do you consider a "Engineer" Outfit set? Handy for Basebuilders. Faster Block-place rate, higher Jump height ( yes i know, there is a perk too for it) less Costs when repairing Blocks and such things.
  12. To the entire Staff. I dont say it for the first time, i wont say it for the last time: Thank you. Thanks for 4068 Hours of Joy, Thrill, Anger and Fear (of Big Momma breaking through the ceiling of my Base) I had low expectations on A20 for some reason, but what i saw in the youtube recording of the Stream today left me in awe of whats to come. Power Generator Quest, Biome Progression, Lootprogression, Quest Menu and your Intention to make someday Decoration available for Players too... If i were a Dog i would wag my tail... nevermind im wagging something else.
  13. Question: Will we ever see Roadblock Prefabs? Like (Overrun) Military Camp that was improvised after apocalypse, or Car Crash. Or Traffic Jam with abondened Cars. Something like that. That scene in TWD were Rick at the start finds that crashed Helicopter, for Reference, is stuck in my brain ever since.
  14. Well A18+ they really did awesome Updates that were fairly stable even in experimental. But A16 ( we do not talk about A17!) and beyond .. there were many experiments in the experimental phase "Never play on patch day"
  15. yeah i got the same problems on mine. In A16 it was way worse tho. Solar Panels could render a Server broken. i think in the first two weeks of Experimental we had to wipe 10 times. That was "fun". Still refuse to use solar in the game because of that Trauma Both good ideas. My wish would be for an electrical kind of door that only gets opened with a switch. especially in Prefabs this could be immersive and forces you to go looking for that damn switch Doom-style.
  16. Madmole stated some months back, that the current limitations are intended and a too big powergrid would have a strong impact on performance. However he mentioned a Door Overhaul and new door kinds. maybe we see electrical ones.
  17. the problem is, you project your opinion (wich is fully ok) to all other players, at least implied. Out of the many people i met online only a fraction is really interested in PVP. Your Card is fairly outdated and while they work on performance with every Patch, i think in the next two years it will be more hardeware demanding as Graphics will progress and the most spread cards will be 1080+ by that time. Of course thats only my estimation. I did my fair share of Hours in the Game (you really dont wanna know how much ) and while i still find joy in it, i too feel
  18. We could also streamline blocks and get rid of all the shapes... just needless clutter. A Full Block of 1 x 1 x 1 is fully enough.
  19. Finally. Cought that Bug on Tape. Attached 2 Videos and the Logs. TLDR: Around 2pm the Fence bugged out. Fence did lost HP, but some time after that bug, they worked again even without repairing. Video 1log 1010 BM.txt At 13:10 the Bug occures. Video 2 A Quick video of the Aftermath. Important only is the fact that the Fence indeed lost HP, but worked again without being repaired.
  20. Ok thats a valuable clue of what might happens, because we have a larger as normal zombie amount (20 pP) Next Bloodmoon i will watch the Server Logs and make an update. Thank you Meganoth.
  21. oh man i feel ya. its really annoying if one cant really get behind some mysterious bug. Difficulty is random within a certain scale according to your gamestage. for example sometimes you get demolishers, sometimes you dont. Had to pass on yesterdays BM but today i want to record it and hope to show that Fracking bug in action.
  22. yeah i think so too, just giving the infos that QA might need and to rule out stuff. Also to point out im clearly under the maximum power-strength given by generator Hope to catch the bug on tape the next days. It kinda renders my else really neat hordebase semi-useless.
  23. Regarding Layout. Made a short video about it. Will record the next BM on this weekend and post it here if i catch the bug in live. And i want to backup what Krougal said: The bug 100% occured on 19.0 too.
  24. i appreciate the tries to help, but im getting tired to repeat that HP of Fence is not the deal. As stated, the work for a While (e.g. during BM) bug out ( electric noise still playing, no shock whatsoever) and on a nother day ( probably chunk reload ) they work again. Has NOTHING to do with HP or durability.
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