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A19 B-163 storage box issue


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Same problem on hosted server, can’t open chest with mouse nor controller. Rebooting server did not fix issue. 😩


I also can’t open untouched loot items with default keys for mouse nor controller. Guess I will try to figure out how to submit an official bug report.

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Both client and server need to be updated. To make sure, check if you see B163 mentioned on the upper right of the intro-screen of the client when starting 7d2d.


On the server look into the logfile, there should be a line near the start of the logfile similar to this


2020-07-05T13:20:32 6.248 INF Version: Alpha 19 (b157) Compatibility Version: Alpha 19, Build: Linux 64 Bit


If you see "b157" you haven't updated yet or did not restart the server.


PS: If you make a bug report or general support request, you need to get the logfile anyway, so you can as well check this yourself first



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