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  1. I know it wouldn't make sense to NOT have sounds when the auger is hitting a block of something, but man when it's nearly deafening after mining for more than 5 minutes with how loud it is. Any suggestions on changes or maybe making it a lot quieter to us but not change the way it attracts zombies?
  2. I ran into an issue where with the new patch on my dedicated server that I am unable to open boxes with the default button and the sound is broken to where I hear no footsteps. Anyone else having issues?
  3. I just started a dedicated server and what I've been running into since Day 2 is I'll go into a POI/buliding and I'll get hit by a zombie, but there is nothing there. Based on the speed of the hits and the fact that I haven't seen then since Day 2 but did see them on Day 1 is that they are not actually appearing, which means I can't hit or shoot them, but I am able to have them run into spike traps or kill them with explosives like Pipe Bombs or others. It makes looting incredibly frustrating and is also a bummer because the new model is fantastic. Anyone else running into these issues? I'm using BlueFangSolutions to host my server and so far they have been fantastic, but it's only with A19 so far that I've had this issue.
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