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AaronG85's A19 Modlets


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 - Ultimate Rock
This is a small modlet I modified based on the work of @Claymore.


This changes the boulders (ResourceStones) in game to give you a small chance at mining

Coal, Potassium Nitrate Powder, Lead, Sand and Clay
This also gives you a rare chance of mining 

Brass, Silver, Gold and Dimond 


Also gives the ability to mine a small amount of iron from terrestrial stone boulders.


The percentages can be changed higher or lower to suit your gaming needs via the blocks.xml.


NOTE: This changes all boulders currently, If anyone has any tips on how to make the changes ONLY affect the ResourceStone Boulder, not the specialized boulders, they are very welcome to PM me so I can implement it 




2 Points

Just a small modlet that increases the number of skill points you get per level - Customizable by changing the XML file



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