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  1. Aaron, any chace to have the SeekAndDestroy modlet updated to A19?
  2. My quick anser is to set damage to 0 if the griefing is what worries you, that's easy. But if you want to achieve what you said, redo the nodes of loot groups where it appears, and for the crafting, you can alter the recipe, either set the ammount result to 0, or add an unobtainable resource to it.
  3. I would also like to see this mod updated to Alpha18. keep up the good work!
  4. So do I. I don't pick up my vehicles. They shouldn't even be buildable by hand or workstation. It should be like the block upgrading mechanic
  5. Does this work even for already generated areas of an existing save?
  6. More so, the Saw Table hase some blocks, but it doesn't make much sense what they did with those recipes
  7. The problem we have with complex dishes or stews is that even though they fill a lot of max stamina, the player should never neeed to fill that much at any time. The current systems forces the player to eat at an almost consistent rate, on small portions to keep that bar up, whereas a sudden drop o max stamina 2 or 3 times per day, is not only more realistic, it also adds another reason to go after cooked food, please add this. When that stat lowers just a bit, the player already suffers the consequence and eating a complex but expensive(time and ingredients) meal is wasting resources. I just stick with boiled meat or beacon and eggs, I prefer to take the chances of food poisoning over that. When the buffs come to cooked meal, the problem gets diminshed, but doesn't go away. TLDR, make max stamina not depend linearly from hunger, but in 3 or 4 steps
  8. Normal relay consumes 1W, like usual, but all other electrical controllers, timed relay, pressure plates and switches consumes 0W (as they should)
  9. Wire tool is available right from the start. If a new player adquires by looting, purchasing or just stealing electrical items, it can just build a wire tool with 0 investment in the perk and, you know, do stuff with it. That's bad. I need a perk to build the simple iron tools but not for a precision steel tool
  10. Fluorecent light is not craftable but is wirable and functional, is it only available at traders? Also, industrial light consumes 7W, the others 5W, and the gigantic spotlight is 5W too. Some balance is needed there
  11. Ohhh, I just got an awesome idea. You could add some randomness to the formula. The lower the durability value, the higher the chance that the item will suddenly break or loose a big chunk of its durability, to add some challenge and a reason to carry a repair kit always with you. The problem with this, and any inventory filling need, is the current inventory system, for wich I'm elaborating a suggestion that I will post later. Change stacks and slots to weight and volume (or a combination of both).
  12. SUGESTION/BALANCE TFP, are there any plans to streamline the recipes available only to the Table Saw across all materials? IMO all block shapes should be available to all frames/blocks. (Rebar Frames for Reinforced Concrete blocks only have 3 shapes, but we can still craft all shapes by just upgrading blocks, so that limitation is trivial). Also, a wooden and metal furniture set (excluding the storage box wich should require no nails) could only be buildable in the Table Saw. As a general rule, that station should be a prerequisite for nicer decoration, allow us to craft a simple wooden furniture set unlocked in the Workbench and metal set in the Forge, and a nicer and larger set for the Table Saw, BUT requiring forged iron in the case of the metal set. Another thing to revisit is the number of slots for each block, a crude and cheap hand-made storage chest has more space than a big and more expensive cabinet... And on related topic, could it be posible to have a crafting station check the near presence of another crafting station when listing available recipes? This way, both the Forge and the Workbench can have other recipes unlocked by just placing down the Table Saw nearby and metal furniture crafting still requires fuel and can take advantage of the Forge tools.
  13. Please, add a set of sinks and bathtubs along the toilet group as general bathroom furniture.
  14. SUGGESTION: Please, enable the shape selecting screen to close by pressing the same key to open it (by single press of "Reload", holding down is for the entire radial menu). Right now it doesn't do anything once it's opened, we have to press ESC or "Close all windows" key to confirm the shape selection and close the window.
  15. Wooden hatches have the same HP as wooden doors, on all upgrades. Iron hatches and iron doors have different HP as expected on each level. 1000-2500 This makes wooden hatches a better alternative to woodden doors if used sideways. They even confuse the zombie AI, zombies will ignore the hatches and attack the upper block
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