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Dynamic Events


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I know it might be a big ask in terms of planning and coding, but have you considered implementing Dynamic Events?  I feel like the game could use something to shake it up a little.  I feel most players go into a day with a gameplan and will almost always follow that plan.  If there were some dynamic events other than just random hordes and screamers here and there, it might break up some of the comfort most people find in their routines.


They could be used in almost every area of the game, residential, business, wilderness. 

It could be a simple "Save them" quest.  It could turn into a "protect them while they X" quest.  It could be an escort quest...though most people usually HATE those kinds of quests.

They could give currencies, they could give locations to chests/caches similar to the treasure chest notes, they could give keys to open containers nearby.

Once you side with a faction that you've mentioned will be coming soon, these events could involve them and be a way to build reputation, if there is going to be a rep system.





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I can't tell the source but i read once (i guess it was here in the forums in a dev thread) that an event system is planned.


Sadly i haven't read any further details (or forgot them) on what events it might trigger in detail, but at least something should happen.


I like the story teller KI of Rimworld. It basically triggers events out of some possibilities and also scales the difficulty of the event on some player metrics like, amount of colonists, wealth, firepower, etc. And there is a wide range of what events can happen. From a cold/heat wave or blight, raid of enemy factions, attack of mechanoids, bug infestation up to one or more colonists get an illness.

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Like LW said an event system is already planned.


One reason for it is to have a chance for big groups of zombies (wandering horde) to appear in multiplayer without violating the max-zombies-in-the-world setting. So while one or tow players get an event the others have a short respite. Timesharing zombies 😉


Depending on how much time they can invest into that feature a lot of other events are planned. Besides the wandering horde and the groups of dogs (known by long time players from older alphas) at least a wandering trader,  NPCs (with quests) and bandits have been mentioned as well.



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