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Idea for an anti-collect/pickup mechanic


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We've all been there, had a full inventory and throwing away so much junk we don't want to have, like broken glass for example.

It'll be a QoL addition if we could place items into a separate section of our inventory within the backpack screen (on the right?)
This 'unwanted' pickup list could be say, 7 columns 3 rows, spaced out a bit horizontally to make room for a 'lock-in'/'remove' button.
When you get an item in your inventory, you place it in one of the 'unwanted' slots, then click the 'lock-in' button below it. By clicking the button you confirm the item you wish to never pick up while looting/harvesting. You'll also not be able to move the item back into your in main inventory. Clicking on the 'remove' button, you destroy the item and free up that slot again. This way you can use this as additional inventory space.

Example: You don't want glass jars in your inventory. With an empty jar in one of the slots, whenever you use an item that would give you an empty jar back, that jar will not go into your inventory and be removed from the world (not dropped as a bag like it would if you throw it out manually)
When looting and there's empty jars in a loot container as well as other items, pressing R will allow you to take all except the jars and will close the loot inventory screen (unlike when your inventory is full and the loot inventory stays open)

Going back to the broken glass example, the only way you can have an item go into your inventory is if you scrap at item, as the game sees this as crafting. So you can still get broken glass which is needed to make scopes, by scrapping items that give you broken glass. Also if you craft broken glass in the forge, you can still get it placed in your inventory if you place it manually (or any loot container, if you manually place an unwanted item into your inventory, it won't be deleted)

Hopefully I have explained this mechanic clearly and there's no confusion with how it would work.

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I see it as part of the game/challenge to loot reasonably. Yes, it's very fast to open something and just press take all, but it's realistic that you then just grab everything. Like picking up a sack of trash on the street. If you want to sort out the contents and only take few, this takes time, both in the game and in reality. So I'm fine with the modus we have right now.

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I was thinking of something similar @FranticDan. Not quite the same as I understand your post though.


Was thinking of tying directly to the "R", loot-all function.

Via a new gui-box/menu. Accesible simply by holding down R for a second when _not_ in a container.

When accessed it could either also open up players backpack, to snag item you wanted to address, or could be a drop down list to select item on which to apply options.

Drop down list might be better performance wise as the limited number of potentially searched for items could be kept smaller, so might be possible to apply db tweaks to minimize cpu calls.


Anyway, once a given item is identified there would be options to,


1) Throw Out. Meaning never collect into inventory, and also to remove from the loot container. Bags on floor would be fine, or simply full removal.

2) Scrap. For things like Empty Cans, Cooking Pots, even Empty jars/Murky Water/potable Water, if you'd prefer the broken glass for mods.

3) Ignore. R wouldn't collect item into backpack, but would leave item in the loot container while also closing the loot box; for later pickup.


And while I get @Walker10474s point, and honestly I'm not real hopeful the pimps will do something like this, after looting a bazillion cupboards over many alphas, man o man would something like this be a really appreciated quality of life improvement!


Though thinking on this a bit, MM seemed to like/champion the 'new' cupboards where you could tell which ones were 'empty'.

And he's made recent posts about not having things like 1 cornmeal.

So maybe there is hope for less "looting micro-management" in our futures? I hope so. :)

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