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Is it possible to shift a Darkness Falls save from my PC to my dedicated server via FTP?


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Edit: So I have managed to get my world working and my character inventory/gear is all good, but is reset back to level 1 with no perks, etc (still have zombie kills) I thought this info was stored in the save folder?


So, I have changed my D.S. from vanilla 7d2d to Darkness Falls and then exported both my save folder and my world folder, changed the config file paths and that's that.




Just now, Worrun said:

I've had an issue that a lot of my peers can't seem to figure out, and was wondering if anyone here might have an idea too, it only occurs with Darkness Falls.


I transferred my game from Single Player (on my pc) to my dedicated server via an FTP, everything went well, apart from one thing.


The world was fine, our base was there

My backpack and hotbar was all good

My gear and mods were all fine too

Storage containers contained items as before (in our base and at the trader)

Zombie kills was still there

Player level, player perks and gamestage had reset to 1

"map discovery/fog of war" had reset too, only showing the area around my character (default)


I am no expert and am quite new to modding, but I have very good file management and research technique and have also spoken to a few mod creators myself, and none of us have any idea why some of the player profile has transferred and some has not.


It would be great to hear from anyone else that may have had this issue too.


Thanks, and again - great mod @KhaineGB


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