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Server Zombie issues - help pls


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I play on a dedicated server which in the past has had brilliant performance.  Since A18 though every blood moon the zombies move one second at a time, very slowly, and in random directions.  It is similar to lag but my character has no issues moving and shooting etc.  It's the zombies only.  Does anyone have any idea how to fix?  The server has a small number of mods and runs a random generated map.


Thanks @Alloc and devs

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Remove mod.

Start total fresh game (all vanilla no mods) and see if it happens again (whether you think the mod is the issue or not).

If not? contact mod author to let them know, and see if they can replicate the issue.

If so? Turn down zombie counts a bit more.

If it still persists? then fill out a bug report.

Paste your log.

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