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Weapon parts able to repair weapons?

would you want weapon parts be able to fully repair your weapons, example: AK would need assault rifle parts while repair kits would just be a Small temporary repair (like 15% but no higher)  

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  1. 1. Weapon Parts to Repair Weapons?

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I got this idea from someone else but i expanded on it, Rather then Repair kits being able to repair anything! instead you need Weapon parts to repair stuff Fully while Repair kits would be a small quick fix (like 15% repair with a Limited amount of repairs kids you can uses, Must get to at least 50% in order to due a another repair kit, while weapon parts would fully repair them, (goes up depends on quality of weapon).. this would give weapon parts more uses!

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I like the idea, but would personally invert the repair amounts vs repair kits. I don't find repair kits too often and like the fact that they're needed to repair everything tools, weapons and armor. It makes managing this resource (including crafting them) you always want to do on top of food, water, and whatnot. I tend to break everything down if it's unneeded (junky) so I tend to have plenty of weapon parts.  If I'm on a loot run, it'd be nice to use those broken down weapons instead of carrying repair kits with me when I start, if only to get my weapon thru until I return to base.

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