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  1. See if you can free up more of that hard drive, if it's less than 50% free on that style, you can get degraded performance, also, look into increasing your ram if you can. Most of the folks I know running 8 gigs of ram have issues the longer the play session is. If you're using a NitroGen map, don't. That really eats ram space and causing frequent lag/crashes Edit: can someone clarify if virtual memory can affect this?
  2. Low priority explore later thing? I vote for a much higher priority. This would be exciting and horrifying to encounter in a horde
  3. The way I see it, nerd poling ain't that big an issue. The people that "cheat" will get to late game stage much faster and become bored. If they become bored with the game faster they leave faster, while I get to continue to appreciate the game with others that are still playing without shortcuts. If it's a solo game they're playing, what's the point of the argument at all? I think the zombie/ key idea is perfect if it could be added in.
  4. If you want to find that treasure fast, max the perk. 3 "blocks" removed and circle shrinks? Probably find it in no more than 12 "blocks" removed. Quit whining about something being fixed so that you can't just dig down and find immediately. I seriously doubt anybody could find an exact spot something is buried out in the open in real life, even with GPS. It gives a bit more common sense feel to finding the buried goods. And once you can dig a dirt block with one swing, it would be mere seconds to find anyways
  5. They put it in game and gated it so there was something more to strive for. Be boring fast if everything was obtainable and OP, then there would be no point of playing at all. I like the fact that some things will be weak due to not speccing in said tree. It's like arguing why a magic user in many games can't wield the powerful and heavy melee 2 handed axe of a warrior.
  6. HA! Nobody likes stealth? Absolutely bull butt chunks. I enjoy stealth, and once high enough, those ceiling zombies don't notice you. Easy to snipe them at that point, if you bother to look up once in a while. I have several people I've played with that find at least some stealth is a good thing. It all plays into how your gamestyle is....
  7. I do believe he was joking, and teasing those that complained about quest distances.... I don'y believe I've seen all 5 be under 1.1km before, usually see only 2 in that bracket
  8. Love everything you said but THIS right here is something I never thought I needed till now, Please @madmole consider this. Would make clearing POI alot more interesting and imagine the drop scares. I second this. Would be so much more dangerous and exciting. the one problem I see is that I don't think they can attach a specific zombie to a possible sleeper point, without making another sleeper point "block" just for the spider zombie. So I say: Calling all modders, think you can make this a thing?
  9. I see what you did there. You, sir, are awarded an evil maniacal laugh by me.
  10. I know I'd like to see this. Makes another goal to achieve for late game, and could be useful for locking powerful crafting behind high tier skills.
  11. I still enjoy the biomes, as it gives a bit of variety to the landscape, and I like starting and building in a different biome depending on my mood. I actually rarely bother building in the forest biome anymore. I'm pretty sure if everything was one biome, it would really make the game world bland
  12. Eh, I think that was to consider the balance of adding it, but even in high gear most riders I know I could keep up with at a trot, a bit under actual running. Many of the hydro-static ones seem slower than the older actual geared ones to me as well.
  13. Pretty sure this idea has been offered many times over, or at least the idea of a packmule. I admit, the purchase and mission part of this idea is a bit more novel, and decently thought out and offered here. I find I need to discuss this, and what I have to say may be discouraging, but I harbor no ill will. If anything, I hope to see if OP can revise or evolve his idea. 1st issue I see is the packmule itself. I personally would prefer a pack animal as well and there might be a mod available for one. I rarely see horses and other pack animals in the rural area i'm at, other than the ones my fa
  14. I've played a few myself, though I think the ones I have were more focused on guns and considered melee just a secondary, never main, weapon. Don't remember for sure, but I think those games also didn't have single shot weapons either. I do use any gun, including DBS as my "I'm coloring my britches brown" gun until I can get an M60. Really, the whole crux of the issue is the bow weapons (and that cursed blunderbuss). The DBS is hard to say which side of the column it sits. So far, I still think that only weapons that have more than 2 shots should have the no auto reload option toggle (yes, I s
  15. Then you want a cruise control toggle instead of a run toggle? Now that does make more sense, and I like that idea. Sorry I didn't register that in the 1st reply you made in this thread. I can deal with key settings, as the games I was considering are using similar buttons for similar functions that I have a slight issue hitting. Thank you for enlightening me of their existence. I guess it was something I never even thought of. It's really cool how there is such a variety of solutions to common problems if you just know where to look
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