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Lowering number of screamers


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Hi all,


I'm running a casual server and several requests have come in for me to lower the number of screamers/scouts. I believe the number of screamers is controlled in gamestages.xml.


<spawner name="ScoutGSList">
   <gamestage stage="1"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1" num="1" maxAlive="2" duration="1"/></gamestage>
   <gamestage stage="2"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS2" num="1" maxAlive="3" duration="1"/></gamestage>
   <gamestage stage="5"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS5" num="3" maxAlive="6" duration="1"/></gamestage>
   <gamestage stage="8"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS8" num="4" maxAlive="9" duration="1"/></gamestage>
   <gamestage stage="1397"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1397" num="295" maxAlive="256" duration="1"/></gamestage>
   <gamestage stage="1414"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1414" num="298" maxAlive="256" duration="1"/></gamestage>
   <gamestage stage="1431"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1431" num="300" maxAlive="256" duration="1"/></gamestage>
   <gamestage stage="1448"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1448" num="300" maxAlive="256" duration="1"/></gamestage>
   <gamestage stage="1465"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1465" num="300" maxAlive="256" duration="1"/></gamestage>


Any ideas how num and maxAlive work? I'm guessing if I lower those numbers, less screamers will spawn perhaps?


What XML XPath code would I be writing to change all of the lines at once? Like if I wanted to set num and maxAlive to 50 across the board?

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On blocks these matter:


<property name="HeatMapStrength" value="5"/>

<property name="HeatMapTime" value="5000"/>

<property name="HeatMapFrequency" value="1000"/>


In sounds.xml these matter:


- heat_map_strength: how much to add to heat map (once 100 is hit, horde scout is spawned)

- heat_map_time: how long this heat "event" will stick around and add to the local heat map strength. (60 equals about 100 seconds)

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Thanks so much Gazz and xyth. Exactly what I needed.


How much did you change your values by in blocks.xml and sounds.xml? My friends and I are also tired of screamers, but eliminating screamers completely seems too imbalanced in favor of the humans. On the other hand, it feels like screamers keep coming every couple mins.


FWIW, playing on Survivalist difficulty and our gamestages are in the 200's. In our entityclasses.xml file, we also have Zombie SightRange=80 (which means they can also "see" you up to 80m away) and lowered the Zombie NoiseAlert and SmellAlert thresholds from 30 & 40 to 10 & 20, respectively. I'm sure these zombie buffs aren't helping the screamer situation either but keeps the game fun and challenging despite having late-game weapons, armor, and perks.



<!-- Stealth -->

<property name="MaxViewAngle" value="180"/>

<property name="SightRange" value="80"/> <!-- distance in m -->

<property name="SightLightThreshold" value="-2,150"/> <!-- how well lit you have to be for the zombie to see you at min,max range -->


<property name="SleeperWakeupSightDetectionMin" value="-40,5"/> <!-- Indiv.Random. sight capability - "I see you" light value at point blank -->

<property name="SleeperWakeupSightDetectionMax" value="340,480"/> <!-- Indiv.Random. "I see you" light value at "SightRange" -->

<property name="SleeperSenseSightDetectionMin" value="-10,0"/> <!-- same for groaning, not waking -->

<property name="SleeperSenseSightDetectionMax" value="200,300"/>


<property name="SleeperNoiseSenseThreshold" value="3,8"/> <!-- Indiv.Random. hearing capability - "I hear something" noise value -->

<property name="SleeperNoiseWakeThreshold" value="9,12"/>


<property name="SleeperSmellSenseThreshold" value="20,50"/> <!-- Indiv.Random. smell capability - "I smell something" player smell value -->

<property name="SoundSleeperSenseChance" value=".5"/> <!-- the chance to play "SoundSleeperSense" when "SleeperSmellSenseThreshold" is triggered -->

<property name="SleeperSmellWakeThreshold" value="40,100"/>


<property name="NoiseAlertThreshold" value="10"/> <!-- DEPRECATED; an awake zombie triggers instantly if touched by the sound range/volume -->

<property name="SmellAlertThreshold" value="20"/> <!-- for awake zombies -->

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