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  1. Hello! I'm trying to figure out what the community prefers in a 7 Days to Die server. Would you guys and gals take 3 minutes to fill out my Google survey? https://forms.gle/UWWZemCZfy9PzBcC6
  2. I had bookmarked this forum post. I use it all the time. However, right now, it seems the CODE blocks are broken, so I can't really read the original posts.
  3. I changed the HeatMapStrength on all crafting stations to 1. I still get attacked by screamers pretty often.
  4. This is definitely not a bug. However... Putting more than 1 thing in a square would be great! Not sure how they'd make it happen, but I'd love that feature. I guess it might break some of the existing rules with block placement. Not sure what the side effects would be.
  5. @Tahaan This sounds like a terrible change. You're not talking about fixing a bug. You're talking about changing how the game works.
  6. Updated! Added some new features and some new people! We're pretty much online 24x7. Come join us!
  7. @Boidster In the game, hit F1 and type DM, then hit Enter Then use Q to turn God Mode on or off
  8. @SylenThunder Deleting my main.ttw file fixed the issue. Thanks so much!
  9. Updated to include my logs. Also Note: I've been playing around with the settime command and I was just told setting the time can mess up Horde night.
  10. So it's day 252. I'm running a private/dedicated server on a Windows machine. I have restarted the server. Should definitely be a Horde night. But the letters at the top never turned red. Then it got to night and no zombies ever came out. What happened? What do I need to do to fix Horde night? Here are my logs: https://pastebin.com/K3jmw36r
  11. Welcome to House Voxll! https://www.housevoxll.com/ Welcome to House Voxll, a casual PVE server! We are currently recruiting mature adult players. This is a long-term server focused on allowing players to be creative in the world (however, Creative Mode is not provided – we still have to gather resources and craft what we need). We are building primarily in the Desert biome. We are currently around day 270. We have multiple Horde bases, including a Castle, ready to go for Horde Night. We have a Crafting Tower where the community crafts and shares resources. We have a substantial amount of resources ready to get you started building. Additionally, we have a collection of armor and weapons we have looted, to get you caught up with the rest of us. In other words, when you join, we provide you a starter pack including a gun, ammo, repair kits, a full set of armor, food, and water! We allow 5 land claim blocks and other players are not allowed to destroy what you have built. We have also lowered the number of screamers/scouts that spawn, so it is less likely that zombies will destroy what you build. Server Setup: - XP Gain: 200% / Loot Abundance: 150% / Block Damage: 50% - Player vs Player Killing: NONE / DISABLED - Day Length: 60 real mins / Day Light Length: 20 in-game hours - Drop on Death/Quit: Nothing - Land Claim Blocks: 5 / Land Claim Expiry: 10 days / Land Claim Protection: Full Server-Side Mods (nothing you have to download): - S420 Simple UI – Bigger bags size 120 - Faster Vehicles - 20k Stacks of Resources - Enhanced Auger (faster digging) - Concrete dries fast - Less Screamers (lowered heat map of crafting stations) Message me on Discord if you want to join! https://discord.gg/vB8GKPd
  12. Thanks so much Gazz and xyth. Exactly what I needed.
  13. Hi all, I'm running a casual server and several requests have come in for me to lower the number of screamers/scouts. I believe the number of screamers is controlled in gamestages.xml. <spawner name="ScoutGSList"> <gamestage stage="1"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1" num="1" maxAlive="2" duration="1"/></gamestage> <gamestage stage="2"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS2" num="1" maxAlive="3" duration="1"/></gamestage> <gamestage stage="5"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS5" num="3" maxAlive="6" duration="1"/></gamestage> <gamestage stage="8"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS8" num="4" maxAlive="9" duration="1"/></gamestage> ... <gamestage stage="1397"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1397" num="295" maxAlive="256" duration="1"/></gamestage> <gamestage stage="1414"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1414" num="298" maxAlive="256" duration="1"/></gamestage> <gamestage stage="1431"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1431" num="300" maxAlive="256" duration="1"/></gamestage> <gamestage stage="1448"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1448" num="300" maxAlive="256" duration="1"/></gamestage> <gamestage stage="1465"><spawn group="scoutHordeStageGS1465" num="300" maxAlive="256" duration="1"/></gamestage> Any ideas how num and maxAlive work? I'm guessing if I lower those numbers, less screamers will spawn perhaps? What XML XPath code would I be writing to change all of the lines at once? Like if I wanted to set num and maxAlive to 50 across the board?
  14. Yeah I changed the prob to 13 and 2 perk books dropped right away.
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