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Getting really bad freeze lag while opening inventory menu


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About one out of ten times when I open the inventory menu I get severe freeze lag lasting for about five minutes at a time. I believe this is due to texture streaming. I am running a hp laptop with fifth gen icore 5 processor with four gigs of RAM ( I know I need 8gb) any help with fixing this would be greatly appreciated

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This isn't really a bug report, and should probably be moved to the General Support section.


Not much support can be given for a system that only meets half the minimum system requirements though. To be sure, you are lucky that the game runs at all. (Note to testers/developers, might be a good idea to block the client from loading on systems that don't meet minimum requirements.)

I'd say a resolution no larger than 720p, and all graphic option on low with occultion and texture Streaming turned on may help. You didn't say what kind of a GPU you have in that, but I suppose it's not spectacular.


I must say though, it's very strange to see a setup with a 5th Gen Intel only have 4GB RAM. 8GB is basically the industry standard since the 4th Gen chipsets.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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