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Replacement RMR for vanilla pistols


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This is a fairly small mod that does a few things. It removes the players ability to mount the standard reflex sight on pistols, and adds a small RMR optic for players to find and use instead. It functions equally to the vanilla reflex and has a proper illuminated reticle. You can find it anywhere you'd be able to find a full size reflex.




Please excuse the terrible graphics settings



1.0: Initial release

1.05: Restructured xpath more elegantly, improving compatibility with other mods.

1.1: Raised red dot a bit to improve lower visibility and fine tuned materials. Also increased camera zoom slightly to better match vanilla.

1.11: Fixed magnum offsets




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With Alpha 19 changing a number of things on the backend this mod no longer worked, however I have updated quite a bit of it (through trial and error) though I wasn't able to get the Desert Vulture to utilize the RMR as it would always show up below the gun no matter the offset I put on it. If the mod author would like to see the progress I made to update/re-release this for folks I'd be more than happy to provide it. I'm in no way a pro though, so it would likely need to be optimized still, but I did a lot of fiddly work getting the red dot on the 9mm and 44 to line up with the crosshairs and made sure the schematic and mod appear in loot tables. Thanks for the great mod!

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