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  1. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but the silencer mod on the Coil Sniper floats above the actual gun in my game. I checked the files and it looks like it's missing offset data. I couldn't get it to a position that I liked in front of the gun, so I instead just moved it down and slightly behind (so it covers a few of the front coils instead of sticking off the end) to get it out of the way. Not sure if you are interested in the adjustments I made, but the offset I added was ".01115,-.0475,-.021" It's not perfect but it's a lot less distracting.
  2. I've been having the opposite experience, personally. My day 7, 14, 21, and 28 hordes were all so lackluster. I fought more zombies due to scouts (screamers) than I have seen in any of my horde nights 😕
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment(s)! Saving the batteries is even better, as I've got something like 40 stacks of iron banked but my farm is slow to produce polymers. ^_^
  4. Apparently you can only edit your own comment once, or I'm missing something. In either case, this is in addition to my earlier comment (https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/4941-darkness-falls-they-mostly-come-out-at-night/?do=findComment&comment=422233) as I found additional interesting things. 6) The CoilRifle and CoilSniper have a significant delay when releasing the zoom. No other weapon I've tried so far has the same delay. It feels very out of place. Not sure if that can be fixed though. 7) While on the topic of weapon oddities. The zoom on many guns is really str
  5. Hey Khaine, I'm not sure if this is the best spot to do it but I wanted to provide some feedback on my playthrough so far. I've managed to recover my 19.3 world (after around 6 hours of rebuilding, but saving 60 hours of previous work!) and these is a few of the things I've noticed during that time. 1) The Turbo doubling speed makes vehicle handling a little wonky. I found it helpful to increase the vehicle min/max torque and braking force (I doubled their numbers as well) and I find that I slide a lot less often when trying to take a corner. 2) Ammo stack sizes are all over t
  6. Gotta say I'm loving this mod overhaul, it's like a whole new game even after spending 1000+ hours in "vanilla" before it. That said, with this recent update if you do plan to carry over your 19.3 world MAKE A BACKUP! I post this having learned the hard way, as my POI base was partially reset (maybe due to a crash while loading after incorrectly updating as I got a ton of errors the first time?) and I lost a lot of my progression. Still worth it though, we shall rebuild!
  7. With Alpha 19 changing a number of things on the backend this mod no longer worked, however I have updated quite a bit of it (through trial and error) though I wasn't able to get the Desert Vulture to utilize the RMR as it would always show up below the gun no matter the offset I put on it. If the mod author would like to see the progress I made to update/re-release this for folks I'd be more than happy to provide it. I'm in no way a pro though, so it would likely need to be optimized still, but I did a lot of fiddly work getting the red dot on the 9mm and 44 to line up with the crosshairs and
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