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Having issues with hosted server saving settings


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Was wondering if anyone else saw this lately in their hosted server or person server. I edit the serverconfigmain.xml and change something simple like say "drop on death toolbelt only" and save it, restart the server and STILL in game everything is dropped on death. I have tried everything including


Am I editing the right file even? I think I am its in the root of my server host.


Deleting and uploading the file

Editing directly on the server (while it is shut down of course)

Starting a new world.


This seems to be happening a lot in this game lately with various odd bugs. Not sure if anyone else sees this. If you dont, what server host are you using :)


This is in version 18.4 (b3) NOT MODDED. It was also happening BEFORE i used the experimental version


My file looks like the following (this is a sample part of my file)




Also am I editing the right file? There is only one location right?



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From what I got from your post is you are hosting the game not running a separate server. So you are starting your game as normal and I guess others are going to join your game. If I am correct then editing the serverconfig.xml won't affect your game. You have to make changes in your menus same as a SP game.

If I am mixed up sorry.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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