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Zombies not spawning in POIs


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I had an issue whereby my save became corrupted - I was on day ~90 or so. Following a helpful post I was able to restart my game - see here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?156580-Powercut-corrupted-save-NullreferenceException-Object-reference-not-set-to

Side note - trying to do ANY clear quest from a Traitor will not work - I'll completely clear the POI but the tracker still says "Clear areas". Using "killall" and using God to examine every last area confirms all zombies have been killed. If I relog and redo the quest it works the 2nd time round.


Since relogging it seems that zombies will not spawn in POIs. If I do a quest, they'll spawn in, but for looting random POIs they simply don't spawn in.


Any ideas? TIA :smile-new: Hope my save isn't totally boned lol!!

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Ah ok. Seeing as I was able to reload the corrupted save I went in and noted all builds/materials/skill points etc and have simply started a new world using the same seed. Taken a few hours to do, but better than loosing 100+ hours!


Thanks one again for your reply @SylenThunder :smile-new:

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